⛈Brainstorm ⛈What should we code?
katyadee (1194)

The last time I had one of these threads, we got a lot of cool answers. So... let's kick this off again! What should we code? What should I, Katya, code?

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HazTheWaz (194)

something that helps schools/companies keep data secure by not including everyone in one email...
I'm not mad I swear

katyadee (1194)

@HazTheWaz What happened? Lol. I'd love to hear the story behind this.

HazTheWaz (194)

@katyadee So I'm going to a new school, which is an IT/Chem oriented school and they needed our basic info (phone, email, etc.). Today they mail us some schedules about when we need to get the books and i notice that it wasn't sent to "me" but my whole class. I'm kinda nervous about what they'll teach us there now, because this is not how one should handle sensitive user data.

katyadee (1194)

@HazTheWaz If it helps, usually administration and teachers are so silo'd, it probably has no indication on the actual curriculum.

HazTheWaz (194)

@katyadee nope, it was literally just
From: [school]
To: 33 email addresses

E: and it probably has nothing to do with it, but still gonna BOLO

katyadee (1194)

@HazTheWaz Oh come on, it's only 33. :P

HazTheWaz (194)

@katyadee well, i mean that is still better than the entire school

katyadee (1194)

@ebest Hey, 33 people isn't too bad.

EthanJustice (67)

@katyadee Depends on the context. Emails, no. Errors, yes.

ebest (625)

@katyadee Well, yeah, neither is

people = 33*10000000000
katyadee (1194)

@ebest I don't get it, friend.

ebest (625)

33 = more then 5.

5 = a lot.

33 = a lot.

33*10000000000 = more then 5.

33*10000000000 = a lot.

a lot = a lot.

33*10000000000 = 33