⛈Brainstorm ⛈What should we code?
katyadee (1184)

The last time I had one of these threads, we got a lot of cool answers. So... let's kick this off again! What should we code? What should I, Katya, code?

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ReshiramWolfu (74)

A live Chat system with rooms for roleplaying, general repl chat and other

Vandesm14 (2214)

@ReshiramWolfu Two options. I setup a chatting system I've been working on and post it to repl Share (and we can use that) or Repl.it could setup an IRC server and we can create our own channels!

Repl.it, please do the second one!

ebest (622)

@Vandesm14 Yis
How popular are chat servers?
I made one, you are making one, gamemaster made one, pyalias made one.

Vandesm14 (2214)

@ebest They are pretty popular. I mean, Discord is a thing. They're pretty fun to make as well.

Vandesm14 (2214)

@ebest A Popular Chatting Application. Text, Voice, and Video capabilities.

ebest (622)

@Vandesm14 I can't use it (blocked). That's motivation for some.

MEMELORDReaper (0)

@ReshiramWolfu That Would be sick!!!!!!
(also hi I'm new around here.)