trouble with pygame keyboard input
EthanCulp (4)

Whenever I press "w", it wont register my input. It isn't the code inside of the if statement because it isn't even printing "w"

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Answered by Zavexeon (309) [earned 5 cycles]
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I can’t help you but I have a feeling it has something to do with.
y += vel
It just doesn’t look right.

EthanCulp (4)

that isn't the problem, when this is line is outside the if statement, it works just fine, but it won't stop moving. I need it so that when I press the "w" key, the y value will have vel subtracted from it (and yeah i know, it is supposed to be y -= vel to make it go up).


I don’t know. I can’t help.

Zavexeon (309)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL That's a valid operator, +=.

For example you could do:
x += 1
which is the equivalent of...
x = x + 1


I don’t know, I don’t do functions. @Zavexeon