turtle code does not display in repl.it Classroom eval mode
glrudolph (1)

I have turtle code that runs fine in a normal repl. It does not run in repl.it Classroom. It is exactly the same code. What can I do?

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glrudolph (1)

@ash15khng I don't understand your question.
I'm creating an Assignment type project (rather than a Project type project) within repl.it Classroom, so that I can have autograding AND have the results
reported to the gradebook. The whole point is that students get faster feedback,
and I do not have to run every program individually to see the results.

When I create the Assignment in my course, it does not give me an option, as far as I know, to choose what kind of REPL I will use for the assignment. The code will compile and run, apparently with no visible errors, but the turtle window never shows up.