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umm why cant i do my replit classrooom
JackFranzel (13)

like i cant edit and my progress is gone

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Answered by Coder100 (8397) [earned 5 cycles]
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PattanAhmed (1103)

@JackFranzel Hi,
Sad to know.
Please Report this to Bugs Sections

Just a sidenote (You can Ignore):- Have you contacted (E-mailed) [email protected] before creating a Classroom because this feature is currently going on Closed BETA phase.

JackFranzel (13)

@PattanAhmed Yea, I would do that but I'm in a school account and can't enail outside the system. Thanks, though.

ironblockhd (369)

It appears like replit currently has some issues with classroom: