using Java
matthewalangree (2)

Hi there! I'm a HS Computer Science teacher and I'm STOKED to use with my classes this next school year. We do a ton with and I'm wondering if its possible to write processing code and see output in

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bridgetsitkoff (1)

I know this is an older post, but I'm trying to do something similar with my middle school CS classes next year. (We've been using OpenProcessing this year, but I'd like to move all my classes onto if possible.) Your method below works perfectly for me and I can get my classroom examples working in a HTML/CSS/JS classroom, but I can't figure out how to handle debugging with students. As far as I can tell, any error will just come up as a "script error" with no line number or specific error. How are you working around that with students?

matthewalangree (2)

@bridgetsitkoff I've had the same issue. I only use for the multiplayer support at this point. It's been a nice tool to do some pair programming and assessment.