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JeromyHolste (5)

So I know that you can create websites on but I can't figure out how to publish them. Can you help me?

amasad (3248)

Websites are automatically published. You can link it to a domain if you'd like. Some instructions here

Sometimes, however, it's not ideal because when you're working on the website you're destroying the experience for your users. So we're working on a publish step that would create some separation between the authoring environment and the production one.

Vandesm14 (2619)

@amasad That sounds awesome! Thanks for the update!

Nick_for_the_wi (0)

You can publish one if you're using front-end code. Just hit the run button. To access it, just go to the address above the run window on the right.

Highwayman (1458)

I don’t think you publish them, they just run for as long as the repl is open. There was some big stink a while ago about some application that kept your computer/repl on for you, but that’s about it I’m pretty sure.

AdCharity (1359)

@Highwayman Yeah there was a project that continuously pinged your repl so it stayed open forever

Highwayman (1458)

@AdCharity and there we go. Thanks adCharity.

theangryepicbanana (1691)

@THEJOEMAN23 that's not really helpful. Please try to give meaningful feedback when answering a question like this