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what did i do wrong
<html> <head> <title> HELLO WORLD!</title> </head> </html>
Highwayman (1340)

Title and everything in head is going to be almost meta data, body is where you want to put the stuff that actually shows up...

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <title>HW prog</title>
    <p>HELLO WORLD!</p><!-- paragraph -->
Masy (29)

what are you trying to do exactly?

Zavexeon (1041)

Well, what are you expecting to be outputted? I see nothing wrong with your code, syntax wise?

mattdoan (17)

@Zavexeon eternal golden braid?

Zavexeon (1041)

@mattdoan Uhm... no... how's that related? It seems pretty interesting, though.

mattdoan (17)

@Zavexeon Just curious. Look it up on Amazon.

laksh5 (142)

@Zavexeon BTW what is your project prototype all about. I was browsing through your projects and I saw it.

Zavexeon (1041)

@laksh5 Just a die roller. (Actually working on v3 atm)

mwilki7 (1078)

you need to wrap it in a marquee

<html> <head> <title> <marquee>HELLO WORLD!</marquee></title> </head> </html>
<html> <head> <title> HELLO WORLD!</title> </head> </html>