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what to code
Imanoob_coder (2)

I have no idea what to code EVER. Please send ideas. I would prefer things I could do in python.

Answered by ReshiramWolfu (78) [earned 5 cycles]
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ReshiramWolfu (78)

Maybe make a Visual novel, using a language called Ren'py, a free games engine

gtr1 (0)
  • Learn to webscrape w/beautiful soup
  • Make something useful like a to do list with PyQt or tkinter
PAULX (20)

i know that. xD

katyadee (1193)

Good questions. What are your goals?

Imanoob_coder (2)

@katyadee I would love to become a software engineer or a game developer, maybe computer science.

PythinPython (7)

You could try making a cryptography system to scramble messages.

Imanoob_coder (2)

@PythinPython I have no idea what that is

heyitsmarcus (308)

@Imanoob_coder Cryptography is basically just being able to scramble (encode) things around to be something that looks like gibberish to someone else, and then having someone else be able to de-scramble (decode) it with some kind of cipher to make it back into something that makes sense.

An example might be a very simple cipher where I take my letters in the message I'm sending you and go to 2 letters up in the alphabet to "encode" (scramble) it:

I want to say I am a tomato in my cipher so I send you K co c vqocvq to you and then you know to go back down 2 letters for each one to decode it to I am a tomato.

a5rocks (779)

I know right? Right now I'm making a discord bot, but I almost never have small projects.