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why is this happening
YuvanVighnesh (100)

So sometimes i am randomly getting logged out of has this happend to anyone?


InvisibleOne (2397)

Somebody was posting some images using the logout URL that logged people out of repl it when the images loaded. And I think the time that login cookies last has been shortened to help with some of the security on replit or something like that.

YuvanVighnesh (100)


I would check your answer, but i wanna here more peoples opinion on this...

xxpertHacker (785)

@YuvanVighnesh Depend where you've been on Repl, if you weren't on that post, then you couldn't have been hit by it.

It's hard to tell if you've even seen it though, since it doesn't show an image at all, but instead shows the broken image logo.


There are a few reasons why you get logged out. Here are some.

  • logged out image
  • glitched in
  • aftermath of the logout image.

once you hover, or are in the presence of the log out image, you get logged out.
So you log in again, but sometimes, you get logged out a few more times. This is the aftermath of the log out image, idk why it does that, but that's the aftermath. You get logged out a few more times.

the glitches in could be the case too. Sometimes glitches causing you to get logged out for no reason. I guess for this, just report it.

FloCal35 (369)

idk but it's happened to me in the past, probably a bug

YuvanVighnesh (100)

@Coder100 @InvisibleOne also do u know if u can give two people a check for their answer?

xxpertHacker (785)


also do u know if u can give two people a check for their answer?

Nope, but I asked for it some time ago:

Coder100 (15763)

Yes. One of the most common reasons for that is because your cookies have expired. Due to the increasing amount of abuse, in case your cookie is stolen, which gives people access to your account, it cannot happen for too long as the cookie will expire. This also means you have to re-login to get a new one.

Or maybe they just changed their API to be more secure! :D