can you please help a random 12 year old on the internet??
Imthebestthe (97)

Great. i was wondering if you could help me with a few things. i will make sure to read and try all of your responses(if there are any!).
1. can you make it so that you can create your own username
and it re does all of the previous code except the create
your own username.
2. Add a piece of code that checks for the letter press and
if it is the same as the letter on screen, it goes on to
the next letter(a lot like
3. A POINT SYSTEM. i have tried that so many time that it is actually ridiculous.
thanks if you at least try and evon more thanks if you can do even one of the three things i asked.
👍 🎉 THANKS 🎉 👍
go onto files an click nitrotype

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AlexanderTarn (274)

you can make a file with username list, you then check if the username is in there and use information from that and put it into your code.
you can use readchar() to get an instant input of 1 letter, which you can use for a code like in nitrotype. Point system is easy, just have a variable and when you get the right thing just += 1 the variable.