oignons (311)
Languages to Learn
Hi everyone, I was thinking about programming languages to learn. I am happy with c++, but want to branch out. Any suggestions? P.S. I am also doing...
replitcode (116)
Google Search Discord.Py
How can you make a google search for a bot on any ideas would be much obliged! Thanks! - @replitcode
femiFolarin (0)
Help me now
Considering there was a text file called superheroes.txt, write a program that will read in the text file and print out each superhero on a new line....
aflacc (9)
How can I set a HTML websites favicon to a file titled "favicon.svg"?
I am developing a website for my team and I want to know how to set the favicon from a file, specifically one called "favicon.svg". How can I do this?
Mahieedaboss (0)
So I am a=making this word game using python and am struggling to execute scripts from It doesn't show me what is wrong so please help.
[Node js mySQL] Display table in html?
I am learning node js and databases and I want to know how to display a table in an html file. This is a very short question too. Check out my repl be...
SamuelGames1 (0)
how do I bot in Kotlin(discord)
I tried to do it but I couldn't get someone to help me?
sdemodica (0)
I need help with my vectors.
My vectors aren't being accepted into my function (Please see comments in program). It gives a "segmentation fault" error message when it tries to run...
NgMarco (0)
C++ Armstrong number between 2 user input and cout the scond greatest and the smallest among them
the program is to find the Armstrong numbers between 2 user inputs and cout the second greatsst and the smallest amaong them. Yet i dont know how to...
kess (2)
Working with While loops to remove an occurance
Lines 19 down. I wrote code to use a while loop to remove all occurrences of a specific string and print the remainder of the content in the list. T...
rsrawley (1)
Making repls private in classrooms
I have a classroom in with students in it. Although, as the teacher, I am able to make my repls private, the students cannot do this for thei...
ash15khng (700)
Pygame drawing rect Basically I tried to draw a rect as you can see in the code. I don't get why it's not drawing tho.
songsari (0)
HELP ME plzz...
I want to receive number with scanf in main fuction ... how to print stack numbers without making any other print function?
ZacPlayz (64)
Can I make a social network with Java???
Can I make a social network with Java??? Because if I can, it will be my upmost project ;). Thats why I'm asking... *italic* Please?
jujujlg (2)
how can i finish my programm?
i've got a homework in math but it doesn't specify what should i put at the end of my programm to make it works... Can you help me please? it's on Py...
lost repl
i lost my repl code, my whole project. Is there anyway I can get them back?
Rock, Paper, Scissors
How do you create a rock, paper, scissors code?
MatthewHou (0)
I have a python thing.
So... I have but it doesn't really... well how do i make commands? Like i have everything and i say like LOLhelp and like it says there's n...
mgrey0803 (1)
Probably a stupid Q from a beginner - foreground/background colors
I feel stupid asking this. I just started a c# programming class, and I know nothing. My first project is to make a banner (which I've done), but the...
nsedler (21)
Any plans to add cargo.toml for rust dependincies?
I'd to do some rust on this site but I can't even generate a random number.
bburd (1)
Find open source classrooms
I've forgotten how to find open-source classrooms, and poking around on the website doesn't work. I'm looking for auto-graded JavaScript classrooms. T...
Zavexeon (1051)
Repl Keeps Freezing
Hiya guys and gals. I'm having a bit of an issue, and I can't figure out what's going on. I have a method within an object, called `arrayRoll()`. Esse...
Shell101 (2)
How do I import an older package?
Hi so my recent repl keeps packaging an updated version of aiohttp. Thing is 1.5.1 isn't compatible with this version and basically it does...
JosephSanthosh (1194)
How do you make your posts look good?
How do you make your posts look good? Like how do u put pictures in it and stuff like that?
JohnS4 (1)
How to upload files to repl via shell/terminal
I know you can upload files the normal way, but I have specifics reason for doing this. So i am wondering, how can I upload files via the shell? I am...
DylanMaxwell (1)
How do I do these things?
So I need to know how to do two things: * How do I create a random number generator? * And how do I subtract that random number from a set variable?...
NavinJongyin (0)
in this function my .txt file keeps replacing an old input in the file, can any one help me?
![Screen Shot 2563-11-24 at 02.53.03](
imcraft (26)
Help with NiteStats API
I am trying to make a thing where when you type in the ID of a Fortnite cosmetic, it will return all the info. I am having trouble with the variants p...
CallumDisney (1)
How do I make a currency system?
Can someone please tell me how to make a Discord bot currency system?! I’ve searched EVERYWHERE for an answer! I’m using Python on Someone pl...
LardBoi (25)
Clearing the terminal
I know python has import replit replit.clear() and it's said that it's only supported for python. I was just asking if that's true. I'm coding in C++...