xxpertHacker (768)
[Closed] How to optimize this function?
Braindead simple JavaScript example: ```js const f = n => { const two_to_the_nth_bit_length = 2n ** n; const two_to_the_nth_bit_length_minus_one =...
JamesGordon1 (129)
Can you guys help me create more cyphers for my website?
I need about 15 more but I don't know what to use. can you guys make some fore me, please?
nathan12579111 (6)
Continuously reconnecting?
The program continuously keeps reconnecting before I can do anything with it cause when i try to run the program it keeps on disconnecting and reconne...
epicshri (0)
Why is HTML an important language to learn?
Hi, I have created an account on repl.it to be better at HTML I have learned the basics such as how to link CSS to HTML and I had a big question to as...
Andreipython43 (5)
how to share my repl
how to share my repl to people
objectme12 (40)
i want to add a shop in my clicker game
can someone help me make a shop or show me how to for my clicking game
Dart20 (36)
Do anyone want to make sth together with python? Only write a comment and the group will start, with the first person. If someone want to became a mem...
SilentShadowBla (551)
HTML/JS/CSS Save data
Can i save data in js/html? for example, in an input box i type "Hello", is there any way to make it stay there even when i reload? Thanks in advan...
BrightSideSide (2)
html forms
hi replit so here are the questions(html forms) when we add a submit button to a form and send the value to another page the page that page process th...
Jadenoreen (0)
My code does not is on the output please help me with this
# Notes included class Warrior: # Initialize a Warrior object with some default values def __init__(self, name='', hp=100, attack=1, defense...
AmhedeWeeeeeuss (1)
How do i encrypt a file(or text) in node js?(with a set password)
I have been looking everywhere to find out how to hide files from public view, and I DONT WANT TO USE .ENV OR USE IT FOR AN ONLINE DB!!!!!!! So, how c...
ironblockhd (418)
How do you see how much space you have left?
Before the update (when you had 100mb instead of 500mb of free space) you could see how much space you have left. Is there a way to check it on the ne...
PixelNinja (307)
Repl.it statistics
Would it not be cool if we could see stats for repls and overall for our profile? For example, see total lines in a repl and in all your code. Total t...
WilliamXing (6)
How can you create a button in HTML? After that, how can you color it and make something happen when it's clicked?
Baconman321 (756)
Run firefox on bash (preferably firefox quantum)
I know I can run the chromium browser on bash with ```bash chromium-browser --no-sandbox ``` However, it crashes a lot. Is there a way to run firefox...
LohBoon (3)
Fail to load the base.html, register.html & login.html
I have attempted the Flask tutorial on Blueprints and Views and Templates, but i have encounter a problem to load register.html and login.html How t...
How can I open a file based on user input?
In the code: ```py inF = open(input("Enter Filename: "),'r') import inF inF ``` Is there any way I can import the filename that the user inputs?
lilpeen (218)
Error: your program is already running, please stop it first
I have a multiplayer repl created by a user with the hacker plan. I have a free account. At about 9:50, the repl stopped working. When I attempt to ac...
JacobMcPherson1 (87)
How to store things in a .txt file
How would I store my generated numbers letters and symbols in a .txt file?
gjirtngisnt (13)
Why are there no C++ developers on repl
While Loop
An ascending integer occurs when each digit is greater than any digit that precedes it. An example is 478. Write a program that finds the number of as...
RyanGardiner1 (138)
Wanna Join? Jam10 asking.
Anyone wanna join me for the Code Jam 10? I'm thinking of making ... i'll tell u if u join.
abbasfarrukh (5)
Hi all if i put the < img=alt "text"> is that correct way ?but when i run code showing error any help please?
LordLucass (0)
A problem with blue blur...
Why are these blue "stains" appearing? How can I remove them? They're getting in my way! ![Screenshot_1](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/...
MatthewDoan1 (333)
Duplicate Posts (Possible repl.it Bug?)
## EDIT: ## Ok so a lot of people have this bug so I've filed a bug report [here] (https://repl.it/bugs/p/repeated-posts-in-repl-talk). Thanks everyon...
y33t3rs0n (2)
CTF anyone wanna join tho? Ethical hacking
BTW THE PASSWORD IS A CHALLENGE :) ITS ENCODED TRY TO DECRYPT IT ILL GIVE ONE HINT: 64 so I've been learning ethical hacking and been doing ctfs and...
LegendaryAlpha (194)
Shall I?
Shall I make a tutorial on how to make a GUI Celsius to Fahrenheit converter? Click [here](https://repl.it/talk/share/GUI-Celsius-to-Fahrenheit-conver...
Pidou (6)
failed to connect
languages don't load (html, css and javascript - I follow a Code Institute 5 days program, or at least...I try....
ComputingSquid (50)
How come it shows up as NaN even though it is a number?
I'm confused. So this was a project for my Dad to calculate mean deviation. But then i was like yay it should work and the JavaScript looked ok, but...
romulushill (1)
Is it possible to stop the automatic package configuration?
I want to stop it happening because it happens so often that it keeps stopping my repl. Please let me know if its possible!