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NoahG59 (0)
Disabling auto saving?
I am attempting to upload a list which is 113k lines long. The saving after uploading this list has taken hours and still has not saved, is there any...
RohilPatel (800)
Why don't we get coloring for syntax for languages?
When I have an ejs file, I don't see color :(, and I want to know why hasn't made an attempt to make it colorful. If I sound mad, I'm not rea...
mkhoi (271)
Identing HUGE chunks of code with shortcuts (SOLVED)
Does anyone know how to do that because there's a __huge bug__ in my game that can only be probably fix with this __PLEASE HELP!__
EnglishRain (0)
Replit does not support pyperclip?
Can someone please tell me any other clipboard module that replit supports? I just want something that can copy a multi-line string variable to the cl...
kaiserb1 (11)
pytesseract integration
Hi, did someone make pytesseract working in python? Regards.
psb_david_petty (1)
I cannot seem to edit a Python unit test. I add the test and click the coding area and it closes. How come is that?! ![image](
RiaanSheth (2)
Maze Game!
OKKKKK!!!!! It is done!!!!! Mwiki if you see this last task lol. Hows does some of this code work. I get the basic idea and I've done some vectors but...
JoseTorres20 (5)
Hi I'm starting with pygame and got this error but I dont know how to fixed it. pygame.draw.rect(scr,(255,0,0),(x,y,width, height)) DeprecationWarning...
BFDMod (3)
Controls in C++
I am trying to make the snake game in C++ but cannot figure out how to make the controls. I have tried #include <conio.h> and #include <ncurses.h> Ple...
lmaodev (1)
Will C++ ever a get a GUI option on repl?
I've been wanting to do SFML or OpenGL on Repl for a long time now. I found this website a while ago and I was happy to see that they added PyGame and...
SaharshS (1)
I accidentally deleted my AP Exam code!
Hello, I accidentally deleted one of my repl's and that had what I had programmed 6+ hours for the AP Exam. I really, really need the code back, and I...
adeen11 (1)
Search box
Hi guys...I’m new to GUIs on python!!!! 😩 I’ve got a question, I’m basically opening a .txt file and searching through the lines for a string; this...
VedanntSarker (1)
how does the site support so many coding languages
how does the site support so many coding languages
unknown22 (0)
coudn't understand this code and what it prints.... im confused
rint("start test") for i in range(4): print(i) print("test") print("end test 1") for banana in range(20): print(banana) print(b...
Steven_DC (3)
Combining astrological time with sunset/sunrise simulation possible?
Hi all, For my terrarium I would like to start a project to get some things done automaticaly with raspberry or arduino. But One thing I just can't f...
DennisAnaniev (0)
Hi! Who knows why python execute all only in I created folder chapter 1 and one file inside this called But after click Run it doe...
pdn2178 (2)
How to add multiple files and run it and put into folders? Always is being executed.Thanks.
I have used IDLE, trying to figure out this online editor for python
NgMarco (0)
An Encryption Question. Made me lost 100000 brain cells :D
Hi guys! I am a c++ learner and recently studying array. Yet I found one of the questions of my assignment is out of the syllabus(we only learn basic...
RossJames (271)
.env file is viewable by anyone
Hi, can you see the .env file? if i sign out, i can still see it
RyanGorsuch (5)
My Golang Repl is hung
I was trying a little experiment with defining error classes in Golang but my Repl became unusable after I added an import for ""...
HahaYes (941)
Looking for someone who knows how to make a repl login system in nodeJS
We need someone who knows how to make a repl login system that can help us in the realtime chat project. (and also can help us and not tell us that th...
MartinOHanlon1 (3)
Python Turtle using images
I wanted to use images with the Python turtle to set the turtle to be a different shape e.g. my_turtle.shape(my_image.gif) Unfortunately I couldnt...
JamesGordon1 (112)
How do I get a user id so that admin only works for a pacific person
I need to get the users id and i want to do it without having an HTML page
MatReiner (98)
Run .exe or .net
is there a way to run a .exe/.net file in my repl?
PDanielY (971) Talk Glitch
I keep getting this gitch in talk. When someone marks my answer I get a notification and when I go to the notification it said someone mark my...
ssajjad (0)
it is a labmda exaple challenge thig plz help me im stuck
The Challenge will officially start after you get this example question correct. Step 1: Carefully read the question description above. Step...
DimitriusLeal (2)
HTML HELP: how do you change the icon in the tab???
how do you change the icon in the tab???
Commander700702 (0)
Can someone teach me how to code a website i forgot??
I need some help learning how to code a website for a company please
SilentShadowBla (537)
C++ spaces in string input
Does anyone know how to allow spaces in c++ input? I tried ``` std::string word; std::cout << "Enter a word: "; std::getline(std::cin, word); ``` but...
LiamDonohue (280) ProcessingJS
How would i use ProcessingJS in