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Fogeinator (0)
why cant my JS file link with HTML??
I was using stackblitz for development before migrating here to replit, but things just got even more confusing. Why isn't my JS file doing anything t...
CodingSL (1)
How to print the list of all the elements that occur multiple times in two lists.
Hi guys. I'm new to learning python coding. I'm praticing some online problems in the internet but I got stuck, Can anybody instruct me please? So my...
Icekit (62)
I need help I have an error I don't know how to fix!
I have an error in my story thou I don't I don't know how to fix it and what is wrong with it!
behavingEffort (0)
i'm planning to do a 24h coding marathon. What are some coding ideas?
So, what are some ideas? I don't have many right now
sanat12 (1)
please help me solving the problem
i, could not complete the inherit problem of the class
IdaEnblad (2)
What's wrong?
My ekvation doesn't work. what's wrong if key == curses.KEY_DOWN:
BicycleGlass (2)
What ip addresses are servers hosted on?
I have a flask server running on replit that needs to be able to upload a file to an ftp server. That ftp server can only receive from whitelisted IP...
Chiling (29)
The answers
When I made a quiz game, people can see the answers...they would win all the time! Maybe the team can change to when someone makes a game peop...
GavHern (81)
[PHP] How to redirect all outgoing requests to a different address
I'm trying to make it so that, for example, if there is a link to `` or an image linked to ``, I...
Bliipie (0)
Closing the graphical window
Hey I'd like to know how to get rid of the graphical window sharing space with the console. I ran a to test a thing, but I don't need a...
LoneAce (226)
Python Input
Hey there, I would like to give a timeout on my Python inputs. If possible, I would like the code to be portable so that I can give timeouts to everyt...
EmilioTorres1 (1)
Failed to connect
I tried refreshing the page several times and it keeps saying failed to connect.
aidroidtechusa (2)
![HELP1]( I need help loading my repl and after over...
aurelm (4)
selenium module for python
how can i use the selenium module in this web so i dont need to install anything in my pc?
What happened to JSER
I was looking at the templates page, and noticed an old name, @JSer . This has got me wondering, what has made some many people leave
pythoder (108)
My Repls
Hi, when i finished a repl, I wanted to share it, but it wasn't on the list of the repls they want me to share. How do you get it on the list?
hadthelad (8)
why do i have this error?
so here is the line that has an error: ![hel sdkjfuoafk](
emercado40 (1)
Need to know how to use this program for Dummies
I need a clear tutorial on how to use this program, please. Any recommendations?
NoahsArk (0)
Keeping him alive???
So I have a repl, and I’ve been using UTR to keep him online although after a small period of time the project goes offline until I run it again. Coul...
ComputingSquid (5)
Why does the gosu installer in repls not work
I tried to use gosu except it did not work. it just said, package installation failed. ![Error_2](
ComputingSquid (5)
Ok, so why does ruby keep saying: error, string literal in condition.
Ok, so my repl just keeps saying: error, string literal in condition, whenever I use an if...else loop. it is sooooo anyoing. can anyone help me?
adl212 (119)
Make Code Faster on Webbot Module
Hi, is there a way to make your code on any faster on the webbot module in python?
fm79 (4)
my homework
i have a homework to do however, the teacher hasn't uploaded it on the website what should i do?
asidick (2)
Help to create the screen
Hi I am a beginner to pygame and i am learning the basics. if someone can help me please.The screen keeps disappearing... Thanks..
AndyKillorin (2)
Change repl language
An html project that I imported from github is trying to run in bash. How do I change the mode to html+css+js? Thanks!
4424dev (0)
How Do I Add NPM Packages in HTML
If I install an NPM package like Eruda, which is only usable through the browser, how can I include that pacakge with an HTML <script> tag? Note: I a...
Sobin (2)
ACCIDENTALLY deleted my final project
Is there anything I can do??! Its worth 20% of my grade!!
ImmaEatYouMan (12)
HELP is my text adventure game
I am trying to make a text adventure game but you will see that here is an if statement and an else if statement at the top but I feel like during the...
JaMeSg95 (2)
Need assistance with recalling user inputs
Hey all. I'm working on a program that uses optional parameters to calculate an area of a shape. Normally, I could go about just inputting values on...
KareemMamdouh (1)
when i added the order function i finally could make more than one order and calculating the price but what i need to do is to add all the prices toge...