Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
LoganReaper (4)
how you hack and what can you do with it
how do you hack and what sofeware do you use white hat hacking
lioz (2)
How do you change font colour and size in python
I need help changing font colour and size in python......................................................................................................
What does it mean to get warned by a moderator?
I got two notifications from a moderator. What does that mean?
Kopamed (234)
Why is begging for upvotes so effective on repl
I mean most posts nowadays have a line saying "upvote because this helps me out". While this is already kinda bad, its acceptable. But there are also...
JackFranzel (13)
umm why cant i do my replit classrooom
like i cant edit and my progress is gone
dominicl645 (29)
how would you do this?
Use a while loop to display the exponents and the answer (2^1 = 2). You will need a counter that starts at one and you will loop it until it reaches...
Leroy01010 (243)
how do you add chat into this?? I'M ALLOWED JAVSCRIPT NOW!!!! still accepting answers
MohammedBalsara (117)
How do you get a custom URL for your repl website?
How do you get a custom URL for your website?
amasad (2524)
What does REPL stand for?
Wrong answers only. Also asked here
Leroy01010 (243)
what's the best way to say goodbye ()
what's the best way to say goodbye i'm leaving for scratch without enraging hundreds of people? (I am working on a project that need a few pe...
ZDev1 (614)
What JavaScript Framework Should I Learn?
# Hi! I need to learn a new js frame work! And I need your opinion, so I have Angular, React, Vue, tell me in the comments, what should I choose Hav...
DSAEvan (4)
Fill Up
In my program, the rectangle may or may not fill up the whole screen because different computers have different lengths. I am wondering how to make t...
DabDatBass (10)
Gamr - share games you've made and socialize
# Gamr ## So, what the heck is this?? #### This is a collaboration for a website called "Gamr". It will include posting, commenting, following, user...
FindingNemo (2)
Repel Policy Help
Hey, guys. I would like to ask a question about the policy here. You see, when I asked a question about "How to Crack Roblox" which was against the po...
HahaYes (1211)
Scratch vs
Why is replit better than scratch (hehe roast scratch now)
Axrevyn (217)
I feel like I need a team. I have no ideas of things to code, and the projects I do start on I abandon because of burnout - because they're too big f...
dominicl645 (29)
so i got stuck on this part and this is what i tried, but it didn't work...any ideas?
this is what i have to do: Favorite Food program. Get user input for 1 favFood. Iterate through the letters in favFood and print each letter on a new...
hello4691 (0)
I got banned.
I got banned on my other account @hello1964. I didn't do anything that would have gotten me banned. So I contacted and it's been over a week a...
Whacko (185)
Making A Database In HTML
Hey, does anybody know how to make an easy database that stores data from other people in html? I just want to make something, and I need to store dat...
ethanshaozz1928 (18)
What's the little number next to your username?
I am very confused at what the number is on the right to my username. For example, mine says 4 or something
PDanielY (1091) Desktop 😯
Hello, replers I was just wondering if any of you are interested in a desktop app. I know they were working on one but I think they stopped th...
darkdarcool (15)
Would you like to build a story?
Wanna help me build a story in the making? It is in python, so know a little bit about that. It is a bout a post-apocalyptic world I made as a kid, an...
PattanAhmed (1102)
Error Message
Hi, How to solve this problem now? I was normally creating a Weather Forecast, and I closed the tab and when I opened it again it gave me this error....
Zexogon (873)
Give me your problems!
Hey guys! I want you to give me your stupid problems something like “I can’t open my bag of chips” or whatever so I can make a video about trying to s...
Mosrod (456)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
Beginnerbot7 (1)
I want to learn programming!
Can somebody help me learn python!
SolomonKnutzen1 (5)
Error message makes no sense
Whenever I try and run the program, it gives me this error message: File "", line 28 elif main == 'No': IndentionError: expected an indented bl...
PythoNinja (1)
How to fix a "EOFError: Ran out of input" problem?
Hi! I know it has something to do with databases, but I can't seem to know how to fix it.
Scpreviewreview (5)
Anyone else's IDE not working
The IDE isn't working, Admins, Please fix this
EugeniuszLIETZA (1)
nameerror: name is not defined
the hello() function causes and error becuase 'string' is not defined, although it clearly is defined. why does this happen and how do i fix it