Zavexeon (1178)
[JS] ES6 Import/Export Syntax Not Working
Does support Javascript ES6's `import`/`export` syntax? For example, I'll have this line: `import module from './module.js'`, but it'll give m...
Any python turtle Game ideas?
I want to create a game with python turtle. I've created 2, they're pong, number guesser, and I just can't think of another ez game to create. pls hel...
angrydoge (458)
Need any CSS or JS done? [OPEN]
# Hello! I just realized how much I really love CSS for some reason, and making cool useless things out of JS. I wondered if anybody needed any cool...
headiscoding (941)
Does anyone recommend a custom domain registrar?
Hello community, I've recently been trying to get a custom domain for a project and I found Freenom. Freenom works, but it takes away my custo...
MemeManHimself (100)
Search engine help
So, I have been trying to make a search engine, but, the thing is, I don't want it to scrape websites. I just want to put in custom results. So say I...
LuckyOreos (186)
IDK why I’m so obsessed about this topic (It’s probably because I eventually want to become one)
How do people get like language jammer and content creator in their profile thing? I feel like I’m like part of a 100 people on who want to ha...
LloydChittock (6)
How do I create a chat system?
Hi repl community, I know it's tempting to just read the snippets when you see a beginner coder's post, but you're __really__ going to need to read th...
GeoneveStudios (8)
What do you think; Binary or Morse code which one is harder
# Opinion For me binary code is so much harder than morse code, here's my comparison: ```sh # Prints "Hello" (Morse Code) '.... . .-.. .-.. --' # Prin...
StevenDavis2 (31)
I love to animate! Ask me if you please! (Part 2)
This is a part two. I got so much feedback from the first that I decided to try again with other examples! I love to animate bitmap sprites and backgr...
Axrevyn (281)
another random question
Who is Nathan from Is that an actual person? Or a bot?
HermioneGrange2 (23)
I can draw a profile picture for u
Hi! I'm a cartoonist (as some of you might know) but I've been really bored lately with nothing to draw, no inspiration. If you want me to draw you so...
DeaconBurgess (76)
Does anyone wanna help me make a programming language in python or c? its possible
aavalos9 (14)
Not Loading
I am trying to finish my code for my class but, the console/terminal is not running. It's stuck on loading and does not finish loading. I open other t...
MemeManHimself (100)
CSS stopped working and now my website looks ugly ;-;
On the repl included in this post, the CSS just completely went out. This happened once before, so I reloaded the page, and then got signed out, so I...
Coder2195Text (6)
Python Sound
Python has not supported *sound* for quite a while now. Are the developers planning to add sound? When will this happen? Will this even happen?
Adding fonts in html
How do I add font to my text in html coding
hedimaamar (2)
Need some help from you guys
I have a lab it's due tomorrow, it's my first time using repl, and I not sure how to use it properly, I got stuck in this part *Click on 'share', then...
xxpertHacker (768)
How to use Unsized arrays or VLAs in Rust?
According to, Rust has C-like VLAs. But... upon trying the exact example that they had given, it's not wo...
crosser (12)
Feature reqest: allow anonymous access to shared repl
When I share a repl with somebody, they are *required* to log in to access it. There are use cases when it is undesired. An obvious example is a job...
MrEconomical (2282)
Web Servers
The web servers hosted on go to sleep after an hour of no requests. I understand this is supposed to happen, but it is pretty annoying. Is the...
xxpertHacker (768)
[Solved] Simple multiplication table code fails to run loop
Figured it out myself ___ (*If you don't want to or don't know how to help me, could you upvote this so that it gets seen by more people?*) I was s...
Duvangamer3845 (127)
i wanna learn how to use node.js but this continue throwing me an error
ObiVibKenobi (169)
Express Server Is Being Broken
Before anyone says any of these - My WiFi is great My PC not laggy Yes Repl is supported on this device No I did not accidentally block my...
LaraBinth (3)
Does anyone have a code for Drive audios?
makxspa (5) mute
How make mute command?If you can, please explain it to me because many solutions from the Internet do not work.
agarner (8)
How to create multiple html pages (website)?
@mroumani my students create a two page website, however the beyonce.html file icon is different as well as the page itself. For starters there is no...
NimaSherpa3 (21)
Partners Anyone?
Im looking for a partner for a python program that does the following: Sets up an account using variabes etc.. for the bank (online) Logs you in the...
realTronsi (901)
ws.onmessage not receiving
`ws.onmessage` in `app.js` is not receiving packets from the server. I tried debugging through the server but it seems to me that the messages are bei...
CEO (8)
Configure run button?
Just linked my repl into Github and now I can't run my code. I understand I have to configure run button but I don't know how... I'm new to this stuff...
How do I add a background image to my website?
How do I add a background image to my website