katyadee (1231)
If you could ask the Repl.it team anything, what would you ask?
It could be about the product, a coding question, or even something personal (within reason)! I'll see if I can wrangle answers for ya.
KlaviyoEng (8)
Kick users off (revoke) Multiplayer
Hello! We are working on making our coding challenges remote friendly and are excited to use repl.it! One issue we're running into is that we can't...
Thorpedo101 (24)
What is the best language to hack in, and can somebody make a good course in hacking because I want a career in cybersecurity
ike_fite (12)
How do I get data from the stuff.json file in javascript
I don't know if I can elaborate further
VulcanWM (2200)
Why is this error occuring?
So I'm making this bot that stores its data in repl-db, but I'm not an expert in repl-db and now don't know why this error is occuring. The error is t...
Renise (28)
Does anyone have any cool beginner ideas of Python games I could do?
I ran out of ideas for games LOL. But, if you have an idea (already made or completely made up) I will use it! I will not delete this post, so if yo...
JavierFN (1)
I need help with my node unblocker
I need help with this node unblocker. I got a templetr but it doesn’t work. Does anybody know why it doesn’t work? Keeps on saying there’s a error ht...
RayhanADev (992)
Client-Side, Server-Side Communication Troubles
Okay so I’m new to client-side, server-side communication. Can someone tell me what’s wrong, because I get this error: `Unexpected token “ at JSON po...
sashavoronezh (11)
how to download my repls?
My teacher gave our class a task to register at a website which provides us with problems that we are supposed to solve. That website said that we hav...
programmeruser (142)
Content Security Policy?
So just today I was making something in HTML/CSS/JS, and I saw this in the console: ![2020-11-05 (1)](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/16...
TylerMoyers (8)
Packages are failing to load in Python
Is anyone else having a problem getting their packages to load for python? I'm starting to mess around with pygame and I just got this notification to...
Bushra786 (0)
how to add result centre
how to add result centre please help me
TheForArkLD (734)
333 Cycles!
# ***Thanks Everyone!*** ## ***Yay, 333 Cycles!*** I do collab, for 333 Cycles! I posted this in Ask for ask who wants collab
ElijahNarvaez (8)
Help again.... again
I learn by copying code and figuring out what does what. Im slowing making edits to a program I found. I don't know why this doesn't work. I'm using p...
LucasAllori (31)
Where would I start making programming languages?
I want to make a programming language, but I don't know where to start. (This is not for the jam.) Does anyone know what I should do? I program in Pyt...
RayhanADev (992)
[Answered] Custom 404 Redirect Page
Hey, it’s Ray and okay, okay I know that Kognise made one before on his FontKey project, and I tried to dissect it but... that didn’t go well. Beside...
Four_Of_Clubs (94)
Turtle python resizing
I want to change the size of my turtles in python, but can't seem to figure it out. I've tried " turtle.resizemode("user") " which returns an error, a...
djneils (24)
Auto Format broken
Auto-format is no longer working for me since the recent update - anyone else have the same problem?
ColeBosman (11)
Any good hacking code language? Interested.
MATHyou (34)
Repl failed to connect
I can't access any of my terminal games because it says that it failed to connect, but Pygame projects will load although they won't run properly beca...
theWorstCoder (1)
In python lists i have a question.
Wait, so I have a list and randomly generate 10 words, but I get 2 or more of the same words how do i stop that. using import random random.choice(lis...
TejasvMaheshwar (5)
How to restart a python program ?
How to restart a python program also if there is any way i can ask the user to type in the correct inputs
slickassassin03 (87)
Anyone Interested In A Python Module For Custom Commands And Auto Handled Input Parsing?
I have made a really simple and easy to use module for making user input a breeze. It allows you to link a function to a command and multiple aliases....
objectme12 (38)
i was wondering if someone can help me save something on this repl
i am trying to save the floor part to the saved set and this isnt my code but the owner said i could use it so if anyone can help me let me know
ComputingSquid (47)
How come it shows up as NaN even though it is a number?
I'm confused. So this was a project for my Dad to calculate mean deviation. But then i was like yay it should work and the JavaScript looked ok, but...
20rduncan (14)
Web Filter Bypass
Hello, everyone. I was wondering if there is a way to bypass a web filter with code. I'm sure there is, but with the chromebook I want to use, there d...
Boothy579 (8)
Hey, Can someone come Have A look at my code @SethLawson
How To Move Repls (repl.it files) to a local gmail Account?
Hey guys Right now, I have been using a chromebook provided by my school. All of my coding has been saved and tied to my school account.(I am logged...
aboutthelol (364)
gifting people hacker
does anyone know how to gift people the hacker plan
katyadee (1231)
What's your favorite thing about Repl.it? What about your least favorite?
What's your favorite thing about Repl.it/browser-based IDEs in general? What about your least favorite? (Slash if you could add any feature, what woul...