darkdarcool (44)
I need help!
Can someone help me with this! I'm making this as a remake of what I made as a kid, and this is the fourth part. And this is really long, so I nee...
What does it mean to get warned by a moderator?
I got two notifications from a moderator. What does that mean?
Whacko (276)
Sending A Message Discord.js
How do you send a message to a specific channel with a specific name in discord.js? P.S. Not using `client.on('message')` P.P.S. The language is node....
DiegoCamacho3 (6)
scroll text
hey does anyone know how to make a script for scroll text in python? if anyone does please let me know (only if you agree to the idea of me stealing y...
GabrieleRomagno (27)
Code doesn't run
It happens regularly that the python code i am writing simply doesn't run. I try to stop and nothing happens. I refresh the page i get the same proble...
DynamicSquid (4532)
Anyone want to join my team?
Anyone want to join my team? It's called Nighthawk. I made a cool logo too: ![Screenshot (168)](
ContourRepl (13)
Upgrading Bash Version in NodeJS
I am working on a NodeJS project in which I require the 'hexdump' bash command. However, the bash version on a NodeJS repl is only 4.4.12, which, as f...
Starsam (0)
Pls help me in some easy codes for python
I am 13 and need help as in how to write some _ easy codes_ in python. I know print and input operations but want to learn something new.........Pls h...
hg0428 (173)
How could I split this text at certain points outside of certain things?
### I need to make something that can do: ```python gettokens("'Hi,,,,','bye'", [',']) #It returns: (["'Hi", "'bye'"], [',']) gettokens("Hello: Bye,...
Zeriominus (4)
Failed To Connect, Retrying..
I am constantly getting this error (Failed To Connect, Retrying..) no matter what project i try, no mather how many times i refresh, restart my pc, o...
InvisibleOne (703)
Repl Talk Spam
Is it just me, or has repl talk gotten even worse. When I first came to (around march) I don't think there was this much spam. What I mean my...
angrydoge (308)
Can someone upload thys to PyPi?
# Hello! So I have this python module I want to upload to PyPi, but every time I try to PyPi breaks the console. Can someone upload this? Stop askin...
JBYT27 (1156)
[Resolved] Locked posts
# Hello! #### I just wanted to ask, > Is it just me, or are a lot of projects that are posted low-effort and locked? #### Just curious, im totally...
mkhoi (309)
How to paste?
I can copy but i can't see "paste" anywhere. Why? Edit: i want to paste in the code editor
firedragondnd (32)
anyone want to collab on a DND adventure? (python)
DND adventure please help I can invite you to a team that I already created (python)
katyadee (1246)
If you could ask the team anything, what would you ask?
It could be about the product, a coding question, or even something personal (within reason)! I'll see if I can wrangle answers for ya.
JosephSanthosh (1189)
Can someone with an adequate sense of intelligence tell me how i lost 13 cycles in like 1/2 a sec?
I mean this is not the first time something like this is happening and honestly its annoying, if someone can explain as to who keeps sabotaging my acc...
IndyRishi (79)
I got an error and I don't know why.
It's a turtle racing game with an error.
headiscoding (782)
Can someone give me and idea for something to make with Lua?
Is anyone interested in giving me an idea for something to make with Lua? If you have any ideas, please comment them below. If you want to maybe work...
hoop4life (267)
Inspecting an input
I wonder how do you inspect an input to see if it is a number or a float, so instead of throwing out an error it re-prompts the user? Please help, tha...
CoolCoderSJ (257)
Custom 404 in node.js
How can i make a custom 404 page in node.js? Here’s my .replit file `language="html" run="npx static-here"` And here is my index.js file `var expr...
DeaconBurgess (75)
Does anyone wanna help me make a programming language in python or c? its possible
KamarCock (0)
Do any one know how I can unblock a site from my school chromebook let me know
Muffinlavania (1421)
Maze-A-Mortis Ideas
THIS IS ALREADY "ANSWERED", BUT PLEASE GIVE ME MORE IDEAS! So this is the start of an RPG that I am going to be making, called Mazeamortis.It's not an...
firefish (877)
What should I code?
# What should I code? Your ideas. Console Games preferably, I'm not that good at JS, very good at HTML and CSS though. Also something that involves a...
TravisRaney (7)
can any one help me out like a movie story, anything!
hi everyone, I am just wanting somebody to help me out on a movie story, anything!
yo im bored and need to watch a movie
somone name movies any movie in the catagories oof comedy, action, adventure, and yeah name some movies and stuff
SanchitMisal (2)
Need good team
Hey everyone I am 16 years old intermediate python programmer. I am High school student. I don't have any programmer friend. So always I feel lonely....
objectme12 (39)
who wants to make a repl halloween game with me
comment down below or upvote this if you wanna help create one and ill send the repl invite link pygame, for fun or nramjam peoples choice, and we wil...
ObiVibKenobi (128)
Best Front-End Databases?
So I’m working on *another* project and this one is with a login system. It’s a front end application, so I can’t use sqlite3 or replit DB like normal...