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Mosrod (416)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (2493)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
fennecdjay (0)
How can I output sound to the repl page? (from C)
Leveraging Github release, I was able to get [my programming language]( available in a [Repl](
Programmer567 (46)
Help (if you want to) plz [Update: Lexer - working!]
OK, so to start, a *while* ago I asked anyone if they would help with my ~~new~~ programming language - and ppl did. But the outcome was pretty much j...
AmazingMech2418 (693)
NASM Print Floating Point
So, does anyone know how to print a floating point number in NASM? I'm trying to create a pi approximator for my "pi in nearly every language" series...
AmazingMech2418 (693)
How Do You Run Assembly in
I'm trying to learn Assembly, but don't know how to run it in I tried `as` and `gcc` already, trying examples for x86 and x64 Assembly (I nor...
aronsonteach (2)
Compiling and testing with JUnit 5
I cannot get a JUnit 5 test case to compile and run in my I was wondering if anybody knew how to fix it. Thanks!
DynamicSquid (2673)
Gimme your errors
I'm making a list of error messages. It's like a museum of error messages. Right now, it only has 4, 2 in C++, and 2 in Python. BUT I NEED MORE!!!!!!...
TheForArkLD (660)
Read Description
I am not free **now**, but i am free from (JST) Tommorow’s PM 5:00. Who wants do Stekovaya with me? ( i can’t send invite, who can fork this repl and...
ragnork (2)
restart on error
My repl is a discord bot the fetches from an api, and i would prefer not to have to restart it every time someone makes a spelling mistake, so is ther...
DmitryPonyatov (1)
How to cache poetry installed packages between runs?
Good day I use `pytest` to test my project before the run, and its initialization time is too big, as poetry reinstalls sie packages in every session...
willstellar (11)
# Hi Peeps I'm new to and still trying stuff out. I would really appreciate it if any of you give me feedback on my WillCensor project. GoTo:...
DollarSign (22)
Console Based Login Form
Hello people of the internet and @ChezCoder, (who is still not a human) how would I implement a Console Based Login Form? > Also UpVoting is caring!...
MrPauls (2)
What is the .replit run command to have repl preview the index.html file (imported from GitHub)?
I am relatively new at this. Experimenting with importing my lesson from my GitHub repository. I have imported my GitHub repo, which contains an ind...
LukeShomper (49)
how can I make it so you can use the @ symbol
So We can do dumber things ;-; I need 50 charcters
JonMarsh (1)
Error code for some reason?
![ - beginner-2 - Google Chrome 1_1_2020 12_40_24 PM](
EdvinasJoniskis (2)
Calendar on bash
How do i display the calendar in bash shell? If i type cal, it says command not found. Is there another command for this? PLEASE HELP
kumarantv (1)
In bash shell script
By default, file is available. if i create new file under a folder (folder name : study1, file name : please teach me how do i run...
harshrealitees (1)
Install packages in online editor
I am playing around replit for bash scripting. I would like to know if I can install packages and create an environment to execute code. I guess I can...
zachdyer (1)
Is there a way to install Jekyll for Github Pages?
I would like to run Jekyll to preview my Github Pages website. Is there a way I can install Jekyll and preview it using `jekyll serve`?
Kudos (6)
Multiple backend languages running in one repl???
Let's say I know Flask, Nodejs, and Sintara. I want to incorporate Nodejs and Sintara into one repl because I want to use both of them. Can I do this?...
AmazingMech2418 (693)
How to Give Root Privileges to install-pkg
Of course, in, we do not have `sudo` or the ability to change to a superuser through `su`. Since apt requires root privileges, we must use `in...
JordanDixon1 (310)
Name Error?
For some reason whenever I am trying to run this and select new game I get name eror for the input in Why is that? I never seen this before.
Irenebarquilla (1)
I can't use bc
I need to use de command "bc" and I can't. What can I do?
ZolirAsure (0)
How can I perfect this project?
How can I perfect this project?
UniqueOstrich18 (246)
How come PyQt5 can't import?
How come PyQt5 can't import? I've installed it, but it gives an error when I try to import it. (look in "") The error: ImportError: No modu...
Justtocode (0)
Does the 'bc' calculator function not work here on repl?
A beginner bash coder here. Was trying out arithmetic operation on decimal numbers with ' | bc ' command option. This results in an error, saying bc c...
DogWantsWants (0)
How can I make something to ping other projects?
Hello, I am the owner of an open-source discord.js bot. I am trying to make a bot to ping other repls, not sure how though.
LloydUrey (0)
Has Anyone created a linux gui in
Im trying to create a kinda virtual machine by downloading linux on my repl project. But has anyone done it yet. I know someone has already made a fir...
JonMarsh (1)
What would the end result of this look like?
Can someone show me what the end result would look like on this question? (I'm new coder trying to learn and I learn better if I see how it is and pra...
JonMarsh (1)
Please help! I don't understand what this is asking me.
Or rather, I don't know how to format it! ![ - easy-1 - Google Chrome 1_2_2020 8_32_48 PM](
JonMarsh (1)
Please help me understand this.
No tutorial video has shown me how to work with multiplying or defining functions with parameters. Does anyone have an example that this lesson is try...