amasad (3050)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (483)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
psb_david_petty (3)
How do I clear an X instance that still has JPanels in it
When I improperly ^C-ed out of Main.java, JPanels were still running. How do you restart X? Thanks.
vedprad1 (887)
MouseListeners in Java Swing are not Working
I am transferring some of my Java GUI files onto repl.it. I noticed that when I tried to run this program, the progrma would not respond to my mouse a...
rafiurrahmanrah (2)
I am having problem to use array(in currencyconverter.java) for calcultaion
private void convertActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {//GEN-FIRST:event_convertActionPerformed { if(from.getSelectedIndex()...
psb_david_petty (3)
How can I guarantee a restart of the X server from Java Swing?
As I [posted](https://repl.it/talk/ask/How-do-I-clear-an-X-instance-that-still-has-JPanels-in-it/55432), shutting down JPanel windows under certain ci...
AndrewHann (0)
Error Could not find or load main class
I keep getting Error: could not find or load main Class Main. This might be something simple I am just missing because of how late it is. Any help wo...
hawlitza (0)
Getting text on window working
My text isn't showing up on my window. Unsure how to fix the error. Assistance appreciated.
CambridgeBuingu (1)
How do we make a deck of cards on Java Swing?
We have the algorithm for the Black Jack Game, we just don't know how to code on the interface.
jascas03 (0)
It says i need an identifier to put in the parentheses but i don't know what identifier.
import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; class Main { public static void main(String[] agrs) { JFrame window = new JFrame("Jason's Canvas");...
epiclink29 (0)
Scoreboard Issues
Hello, I have been doing java for about a month and wanted to make Rock Paper Scissors. I need help with the scoreboard though. I want it to update ev...
ibrahthegoat (0)
How can I make a really cool looking creature on here.
Hi im new to this coding stuff i want to learn how to make a rlly cool looking creature if anyone could show me da ways. Snapchat @ibrahthegoat
ghutchis (0)
Can JavaFX programs work in repl.it?
I tried to test a simple JavaFX program using Java with Swing and regular Java, but both attempts could not import the javafx package. Has anyone bee...
mrsawyer (1)
When I run my Java Swing program, it does not always recompile.
Unlike in a "regular" Java repl, in a Java Swing repl you see the java files and the class files. I made changes to a java file that had no effect whe...
technomustang (5)
Security Issue
Trying to set up Java Swing graphics for use in the school lab.. Apparently there is something in the output of the graphics file that accesses additi...
hawlitza (0)
Trying to made window work
I have most of the code but I don't know why the window is returning (null). I intend to use the window for a game and I would appreciate any help.
hawlitza (0)
Debugging my screen creator
I just want to create a usable screen so I can make a game later.
LewisBinnie (0)
Java Swing interface doesn't load properly
Hello there, When creating a Java Swing project, sometimes the web interface part of the output will just break. It will say "run your repl to see o...
My Repl automatically exited. why ?
My Repl automatically exited . why ?
epiclink29 (0)
How can I add a global scoreboard to the Rock Paper Scissors?
I need help making a scoreboard for Rock Paper Scissors. the number output in the console is the computer answer for testing. 1 - Rock 2 - Paper 3 -...
epiclink29 (0)
How do I make a score board?
Hello there. I need to make a scoreboard for my RPS (Rock Paper Scissors) Please help. To access RPS click Run then click the RPS button. CLick Begin....
psb_david_petty (3)
Running Maven within repl.it generates a warning...
```WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred WARNING: Illegal reflective access by com.google.inject.internal.cglib.core.$ReflectUt...
maryjanepack (0)
JTextField not displaying anything using the Shift key
Capital letters will not display as caps - you have to press caps lock to get a cap. For other non-letters, like parentheses, you just get the non-sh...
nascione (0)
Java Swing GUI Not Working
What am I missing here? I cannot get anything remotely GUI to work using 'Java Swing' on repl. That includes work that I find from others - none of...
hawlitza (0)
Can't figure out how to display an image on my window
Found in Player.java. I can't figure out how to display my image. This is for a future game FYI
lindybean22 (0)
Stopped running suddenly
This code just clocks and clocks when I attempt to run. It was functioning perfectly moments ago. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? https://repl....
LatinHope (0)
Can't I draw my first line?
Could you please run this and tell me why am I not having the draw line result as in this article (1)? I tried attaching the code onto my own script b...
TominKappiaruma (0)
Java Swing Complications
Forgive me for the spaghetti code, but what this program is supposed to do is emulate walking around in Pallet Town in Pokemon. The problem is that, a...
mcurranseijo (0)
Can't figure out why I'm getting an unknown error when trying to "buy" multiple types of tickets?
In the linked code I have a UI that starts with the options of types of tickets (as of writing only the top two buttons are set up) but when I try to...
fzt (14)
How do i import folders
i have folders so how do i import them to each other? example: `import Hubs.Hub;` doesn't work
PieMonsterEater (0)
Is it possible to use a kayadapter in repl?
Recently, I put one of my game projects that I made in Eclipse on Repl. I have got the program mostly working (no major errors), except, the program s...