amasad (2726)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (474)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
GabrielCuevas1 (8)
Hey guys how do u make graphics without Love and stuff
I want to make a 2D game but im stuck.Someone Please Help thanks!
DogGang1st (2)
Can someone teach me Lua?
I need to learn Lua so I can amke games like here, and on roblox to develop ideas and make a community, you're free to join my community!
learn Lua
How do you find the filepath of the things in your repl? ALSO How can I replace the "dofile" and "loadfile" statements with "require."
XxsnIKkErZxX (1)
How do I disable auto () in the IDE?
I want to know so I can have maximum control over my code. I hate auto indices and auto quotes.
Moosbueffel (0)
How to run code
I use lua. Is there a tutorial how to use your GUI? It seems to me, that I need to make a main.lua. But how to call funktion in other files?
What do I do so it does't say "yesOkay." in the console?
![yesOkay.](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1599800587916_5e2e20247361e85bab8a62eda198df1e.png) Please help me with this.
sandosiblings (2)
Keybinds Help
So basically, I got some inspiration from another community member (credits to him for this simulation idea) for this dungeon game. I know very few pe...
HxKprogram (10)
Help Me With The "Delete Line" Stuff [LUA]
I need Help With my New Notebook i made With Lua. My Problem Is That When You Press Entre And Want to Remove The Line It Does Not remove it. I think...
BrunoHaas (0)
Oq tem de errado aq?
Ele não indica erros aí quando executo no GMOD ele da erro no console e o MOTD não funciona(para quem não entendeu esse é um MOTD do TheCodingBeast) E...
uurcanakku (0)
encrypted script
How do i decode scripts. The script like this function IllIlllIllIlllIlllIlllIll(IllIlllIllIllIll) if (IllIlllIllIllIll==(((((919 + 636)-636)*3147)/...
leomanjos (0)
Run don't work
I'm trying to put a simple code to Run and it simple don't work. It was working 3 days ago then it's stopped and never worked anymore
Trollertowner (0)
Please Help
I need help making the dice know if you rolled a double or not
Trollertowner (0)
Can You Make A Screen?
Can you make a screen or is it only the console? (project attached has nothing to do)
muralib (0)
Remote API calls from LUA with haproxy
Trying to call remote API call from LUA script, which invoke from haproxy using register_action extension.Here I am unable to pass the request to the...
Tobin8rT (0)
I need Help
Hi I'm very new to coding and I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some lessons on primarily Lua coding. I would also appreciate python or ja...
GageCase (0)
I'm new
Hey I'm new Could i get some beginner tips for LUA?
fireman123 (0)
I want to learn how to code
Hello, I am asking how to be a pro coder.I want to know all of the secrets that go into it
TylerBenavides (0)
How do to load and play a sound in Lua?
I've been trying to load and play a sound in my files, it can be seen in the attatched link below.
peter634 (0)
Does anyone have good knowledge or previous experience with lua. That can give me some help tips and tricks.
MLGhotdogdude (1)
Nil user value
The users in the first two lines of code are appearing to be a nil value. It was working before. Can anybody help me?
MLGhotdogdude (1)
Wait function
I need to have a working wait function. Can you give me a command please? Thanks.
MLGhotdogdude (1)
Hi guys. I just want to know how to set a working enter something lua thing. Can you help?
TryAgain (0)
How to set decimals on the moon?
I am doing a circle area code and i need to delimit the number of decimal places, but i do not know how it works on the moon
Bird123490 (0)
How to make this Work
How could I make this go through the code and save previous entries if you want to do subtraction and multiplication, (or any other operations) using...