amasad (3048)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (482)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
DavutDede (0)
automatic google play protect disable
Hi how can I turn off google play protect automatically
ike_fite (12)
How do i access data from outside the public folder
I'm making a website and I want to put the admin folder out of the public directory. (for obvious security reasons) I don't know how to do that. My gu...
firefish (879)
How do you check if a repl exists?
# EDIT: I have found the answer by myself. Here is a cut-down version of my code: ```js const f = require("node-fetch"); (async () => { await f("ht...
TheForArkLD (745)
Who wants do deflang?
I maked My own language : DefLang. Who wants do deflang? I can teach it and i am japanese not good at english
VoxExMachina (0)
"Express contexts?"
Repl.it used to ask for the "context" of the repl that you're making, but I don't see that option now. I want to create a repl with the context "expre...
CatR3kd (388)
Any Artists willing to help?
# Hey guys! I have been working on a game with NoNameByProgram and lightningrock, and to be honest, it looks kinda ugly. The animations are pretty nic...
RayhanADev (1215)
More Client-Side, Server-Side Communication Questions
Heya, Ray again. I have another Server-Side, Client-Side problem that needs a bit of help. So I need to assign a variable “name” with information from...
ErrorbotTHE2nd (3)
how Do you make a 404 redirect with express?
I have looked at many videos over the past day or 2, to find out make a 404 error page/ or any error page, how but everything I found, did not work!!...
realTronsi (842)
ws.onmessage not receiving
`ws.onmessage` in `app.js` is not receiving packets from the server. I tried debugging through the server but it seems to me that the messages are bei...
Duvangamer3845 (125)
i wanna learn how to use node.js but this continue throwing me an error
JavierFN (2)
I need help with my node unblocker
I need help with this node unblocker. I got a templetr but it doesn’t work. Does anybody know why it doesn’t work? Keeps on saying there’s a error ht...
HasanMuhammad (12)
what i do?
Hmmmm.... We Couldn't Reach Your Repl Make sure your repl has a port open and is ready to receive HTTP traffic.
ScratchRewrite (0)
I tried adding a custom domain to my repl. It doesn't show up.
Hi there. I tried adding a custom domain to my repl called www.icechat.tech and when trying it, it just says "Run The Repl To See Output". I ran the r...
Baconman321 (555)
Problem with form data.
I got the form to show up on the webpage, but I don't know how to retrieve it. I used the tutorial from https://medium.com/@paupavon/handling-form-sub...
RayhanADev (1215)
Okay, okay. One more time!
So I diagnosed my issue these past three days down to the smallest detail and I am 100% positive I know the problem. So my game uses the **Cloud Fireb...
CarlosEspinoza0 (0)
How can a change the .js what I want run?
I mean, I created a JavaScript Repl, then I created other .js in the same Repl project, how can a run the new " .js "? when click "Run" just is runn...
CubeyTheCube (8)
Keeping Repl Running
I have a repl that I need to run with my computer off, but I can't find a way that works. I tried https://ping.matdoes.dev/# but it does not work. I'v...
SharpCodeDev (66)
Is Create React App Actually an App or a Web Page?
I know this is kind of a stupid question, but I'm just curious, because Facebook says "If you're learning React or creating a new single-page app, use...
MrEconomical (2252)
javascript slow in repl.it
When I run my simple js-speed program in repl.it, it produces times of roughly 4 ms for 1,000 ops, 2500 ms for 1,000,000 ops, and the last 1 billion o...
RolandJLevy (753)
Why have my node repls stopped working?
Hi, Does anyone know why all my node repls have stopped working? For example, I get this error each time I run it: `express-pug-css-swirly-thing--ro...
lightningrock (141)
NodeJS Express Error: Failed to lookup view
I have a NodeJS server with Express. I have a page that is routed at `/blogpage/12202020`. But when I go to it it gives me this error: ``` Error: Fail...
nathan12579111 (5)
Continuously reconnecting?
The program continuously keeps reconnecting before I can do anything with it cause when i try to run the program it keeps on disconnecting and reconne...
itsbaha (1)
my discord bot is offline
IDK why my bot is offline even when I press run can anyone help me pls 😀? ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1598678220579_da2143c...
My localhost Server isn't working...
I'm trying to make a server for a localhost site where only I can see it, on my network, but for some reason it isn't working. Is there a way to fix t...
MrGlub (2)
im new to nodejs
anything i need o know like varyables that are diffrent to python
AtticusKuhn (240)
ffmpeg in videoshow
I am trying to use videoshow in node.js. I have copied the code almost directly from the github page for [videoshow](https://github.com/h2non/videosho...
GreeneBase (21)
JS Assignment 4 - Exercise 4 trouble
I cannot seem to figure out the format of the code for this. I'm stuck feeling like there is nothing in the tutorial that goes into enough information...
TuanLam2 (2)
nodemon backend server
Hi so I installed the nodemon package however when I try to run the server via the terminal, it says that the nodemon is invalid command. Is there any...
lightningrock (141)
NodeJS Repl.it Database Error [CLOSED]
When I try to use repl.it's database in NodeJS, which I import on lines 8 and 9, it says the `@replit/database` modules wasn't found. Error: ``` Error...
ikerf164 (6)
how do i draw a circle or a square in java script?
I write rect(200,200,200,200); for square because khan academy told me to do it like that but it says i have to describe it? I don't know how to tho...