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Mosrod (458)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (2527)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
realTronsi (175)
ws.onmessage not receiving
`ws.onmessage` in `app.js` is not receiving packets from the server. I tried debugging through the server but it seems to me that the messages are bei...
adsarebbbad (146)
how would i add platform detection to my game?
the platform detection i implemented seems to be useless, i don't really know how to add a platform detection script. as of now, it just goes straight...
TheForArkLD (710)
Who wants do deflang?
I maked My own language : DefLang. Who wants do deflang? I can teach it and i am japanese not good at english
Duvangamer3845 (115)
i wanna learn how to use node.js but this continue throwing me an error
CarlosRosiles (183)
COVID 19 live tracker web scraper
Ok so Im working on a web scraper that will scrape off data from a website, [(This one!)]( and I managed to scrape off s...
CubeyTheCube (7)
Keeping Repl Running
I have a repl that I need to run with my computer off, but I can't find a way that works. I tried but it does not work. I'v...
MartiaForoud (4)
Node.JS Replit Database Not Working
Whenever i use the IDE terminal, the project works just fine, but when i try to input the address in the address bar, i get this error: ```(node:44) U...
EmmettBlakely (1)
Can someone help me figure out the rounding for this project?
I have a tip calculator, but am having trouble with rounding to 2 decimal points. Super basic problem lol..
GreeneBase (21)
JS Assignment 4 - Exercise 4 trouble
I cannot seem to figure out the format of the code for this. I'm stuck feeling like there is nothing in the tutorial that goes into enough information...
TuanLam2 (1)
nodemon backend server
Hi so I installed the nodemon package however when I try to run the server via the terminal, it says that the nodemon is invalid command. Is there any...
Whacko (205)
This Bot Isn't Working
You see, I have a discord server, Python Party, so I made a bot, named Python Party, and put the bot in our server, Python Party. But on Python Party,...
CarlosRosiles (183)
Node js web scraping error
I am trying to make a web scraper using [this tutorial]( and not surprisingly,...
Baconman321 (84)
Problem with form data.
I got the form to show up on the webpage, but I don't know how to retrieve it. I used the tutorial from
JavierFN (1)
I need help with my node unblocker
I need help with this node unblocker. I got a templetr but it doesn’t work. Does anybody know why it doesn’t work? Keeps on saying there’s a error ht...
MrEconomical (2225)
javascript slow in
When I run my simple js-speed program in, it produces times of roughly 4 ms for 1,000 ops, 2500 ms for 1,000,000 ops, and the last 1 billion o...
GamerCoder215 (0)
How to run a certain github branch?
(I use node.js) I was wondering if it was possible to run specific branches. I use one repl repository for all of my discord bot's code and was wonde...
HasanMuhammad (8)
what i do?
Hmmmm.... We Couldn't Reach Your Repl Make sure your repl has a port open and is ready to receive HTTP traffic.
TheIslandRhythm (0)
Token error
when I start my discord bot, I get an unhandled promise rejection token error but the bot token is stored in the env file where I call it correctly in...
GustavoOsovski (1)
does anyone help me do the programming for my bot in the discord to ban?
does anyone help me do the programming for my bot in the discord to ban?
JollyJack8 (5)
How to pass my user's answer into a variable
Hi there! I am currently making a discord bot using javascript, and I have a command where someone gives input, and then it sets the variable to what...
Bitkoshy (14)
Link Pixel Art
Hello everyone, can someone please explain to me what is the problem with the code. My mind is going bonkers now! Please help! Thx!
razorshnegax (1)
Repl not waking up
Good day, I have a react.js site made from the react.js template (Not create react app). I have been working on it for about a week now. However, whe...
itsbaha (0)
my discord bot is offline
IDK why my bot is offline even when I press run can anyone help me pls 😀? ![image](
CrystalMoose (0)
Require is not defined?
Hello everyone! I made a post a bit ago but I need a follow up. Turns out, I probably should've been using node.js instead of bash since bash uses nod...
andersoncliffb (0)
Loading NPM Package / NPM returns code E404
Hey All, I wonder if someone could help me with figuring out how to load a NPM package. I'm trying to run the 'Hello, World' example from wink-nlp (se...
AtticusKuhn (232)
ffmpeg in videoshow
I am trying to use videoshow in node.js. I have copied the code almost directly from the github page for [videoshow](
AlexisCortes (0)
Neelsville’s Node
Can anyone help me with the "Hmmmm.... We Couldn't Reach Your Repl Make sure your repl has a port open and is ready to receive HTTP traffic." problem?...
adsarebbbad (146)
how do i put color in my text?
i searched it up but none of the results worked. please help me figure out how to color my text. i put a random repl because i just wanted to figure o...
damiascripting (0)
Wanna Work With Me?
Can Somebody Program With Me? Im Programming A Bot With AI In JS
Duvangamer3845 (115)
why is throwing me a error if i have defined name??
again, i think the bes person to ask this is @ZDev1 but if someone know the answer please help me thanks