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Mosrod (393)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (2394)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
orangegrouptech (0)
discord.js bot not running
Hey, I have just migrated to from Glitch and I uploaded my files to my repo. However, when I click the run button, everything on the c...
lavijaindev (0)
drag one svg element inside other to create parent child relationship
I have one circle and one rectangle on my svg. I want to drag this circle inside my rectangle and convert this circle to be a child inside my rectangl...
ben1389 (1)
How do I keep my bot always running? I'm making a Discord Bot right now!
josysalt (0)
Run command
What shall be the run command for this discord bot? its node.js and also i need to keep the bot running online using uptimerobot. i have problem creat...
realTronsi (1)
Make repl http?
I have a websocket chat application that runs on http (since theres no SSL or anything in repl), but the repl automatically makes the link https, so h...
realTronsi (1)
Node Websocket Error
I have a simple websocket chat application which I finished a while back and decided to add it to repl. It works on localhost, but since local host is...
realTronsi (1)
Upgrade Required Node.js
I'm working on a simple chat application. It works on localhost, but whenever I upload it into repl, it says "Upgrade Required".
kbaumgart (1)
require.cache undefined, require.resolve() invalid function
I'm creating a bot to post to Discord, and looking for a way to reload required modules without having to stop/start the bot. Based on my reading, I s...
MaridelA (0)
Hi everyone!
I am newbie here. I am planning to switch my career from hospitality and tourism industry to software developer. Any advices and Information regarding...
CraigMiller1 (3)
Failed I have spent days on this and tried almost everything that comes to mind. I can solve everything, b ut y...
k018c1077 (0)
Node.js print bug
It should print "world" but "console.log" was executed two times.
JollyJack8 (2)
Discord Bot Goes Offline After An Hour Even Though Uptime is Hooked Up
Hi there! I have been working on a discord bot, and after an hour, instead of staying online, the bot will just go offline even though I have it linke...
realTronsi (1)
Http not working?
EDIT: This is no longer relevant as I am moving to vscode I'm trying to make a simple multiplayer game using node js. I configured the server but it...
JollyJack8 (2) File Isn't Running 24/7 Even Though I Linked Uptimerobot To It
Hi there! I had just made a new discord bot using repl, and I hooked it up to uptime robot to keep it running, but the bot keeps going offline every t...
yvngpedo (0)
How do I keep my discord.js bot online.
I tried so many tutorials and none of them seem to work. Please help me out!
RedProGaming (1)
How do I properly use the link tag in html on (doesn't work here)
Hey, So recently I decided to create a Minecraft server chat client called PrismClient and I've stumbled upon an issue I have never had before - the l...
dzlandis (0)
Discord.js Token Not Working with .env
I was following a tutorial on securing my token with a .env file and putting my token in the file. I put the token in correctly and referenced it in m...
jknoepffler (0)
I want to be able to find which campsites are available.
I want to be able to find which campsites are available. Can you help me? I created a function that runs a loop through arrays, finding which values f...
Yhya8 (0)
My repl do not connect (discord.js)
Iam Join The Repl But No Connected And All My Repls Is Working Connect Why?
amitco2468 (0)
Are make me if I run "node index.js' working 24/7?
Are make me if I run "node index.js' working 24/7?
amitco2468 (0)
npm should be run outside of the node repl, in your normal shell. (Press Control-D to exit.)
npm should be run outside of the node repl, in your normal shell. (Press Control-D to exit.) I can't use command line! and I press control-D and it's...
Alejandro9 (0)
Does not load.
I have a project, this is a Discord bot, so I have enough files, when trying to load the project it does not load, therefore I cannot edit my code. H...
VDiscordbot (0)
Won't host
So, I have 3 bots and it is suppose to be hosted for 24/7 without going on it and I did everything properly, All of a sudden it won't stay on for 24/7...
TomAto3 (0)
What is the difference between Node.js and Javascript on
Both IDEs appear to be the same. I get that Node.js is a JS framework/environment to run server-side applications. Javascript is a front-end language...
rblxploit (1)
This program does not give my real IP. How do i fix this?
So i'm trying to make a program that gives you your IP but when i try it, it gives me an IP that is not mine. My IP starts with 76 but the IP that it...
rblxploit (1)
I can't test my REST API, and i don't know why
So i'm working on a key system for something i'm making and i use a tool named ReqBin for the POST requests and GET requests and it makes it easier fo...
quirkygirls (0)
user input in Javascript
I am trying to get user input with my html page in javascript however it will not work and i cannot for the life of me figure out why. would massively...
DomLowe (2)
Global boolean variable
I'm trying to make a command depend on the usage of another command, and the only way I have thought of doing this is by using a global boolean variab...
DomLowe (2)
Prevent certain commands from being used until a controlling(?) command is used
The title pretty much says it all. In the meetyourmaker command in the arg folder, I can't find a way to make it so that when the meetyourmaker comman...
dfnk (32)
Why is this repl always saw we need to redo them?