Mosrod (504)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3271)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
ironiqq1 (0)
My @client.event wont define.
Hey everyone! Im trying to make a dm welcome bot for my discord server, (dms the person who joined a certain welcome message) but my @client.event, in...
Agzamikail (1)
How to make the dish that you bought the recipe for later appears at the end
How to make the dish that you bought the recipe for later appears at the end
ZenEmulator (1)
Why repl.it uses Google Cloud Platform?
i noticed something fishy when i accessed the speedtest.net website via repl.it, does repl.it have enough money to pay that huge amount of money to Go...
KeaganLandfried (34)
Discord.py API Limits on Bots Hosted on Repl.it
Hey all, Was wondering if the reason this bot is being banned from the API is my fault or if its possible, (since Discord rate limits off IP), that...
Flare02 (4)
i need help
if any (word in msg for dumb_words) await messege.channel.send(reply_1) it says that its a invaild synex can aybody help?
Flare02 (4)
i keep on getting a error
if messege.content.startswith("ayaan is fat"): await messege .content.send("fax") then it replies with File "main.py", line 19 await messege.ch...
Xag803 (1)
flask_security error
I am trying to use flask-admin and keep getting this error flask has no attribute login_manager How do I fix this?
IL2PG (7)
I have a challenge
Try to make a fraction calculator! This will be a challenge:D
BananaJellyfish (146)
Will this save the username and password to the file globally?
basically, i want to know if this will save a username and a password so, lets say i posted this, if you someone else uses the same username and pass...
LukeWright (23)
Webbot wait to load.
I've been looking around in webbot, and I just wanted to know if there was any way for my code to wait for the current tab to load fully and then move...
Flare02 (4)
it keeps on saying theres a synx error can someone help?
if messege.channel.send is were the error is import discord client=discord.client @client.event async def on_ready() : print ('we have logged...
HorikitaSuzune (0)
beginner trying to ask about python
Hello im new to python and in this online ide. Can i ask how to code the "how to read a text file in python" in this online ide??
RmyDahGod (39)
error because of the exit() function
hi. idk why but when i put the exit() function the repl process dies. My code is just me making fun of my ‘technology’ teacher cuz yea he sucks and ye...
KritikaAsreth (0)
Why am i am not getting name printed ?
like maika,kritika,raman class Person: def __init__(self,name,age): self.name=name self.age=age def __lt__(self,other): return sel...
Agzamikail (1)
How to make sure that when you start the game in the console, the code is completely normal?
How to make sure that when you start the game in the console, the code is completely normal?
Agzamikail (1)
How to make the command at the end
How to make the command at the end if money> 1500: print ("WARNING! The bank can store a maximum of 2000 money, make bullion out of them, otherwis...
IsaiahCrotzer (1)
proto tipe
i have a line of code that is right but it's saying it's wrong can you help?
hayyita (0)
can i not put all these in one line
another thing i wanted to ask: ![help2](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1614813030024_69338b1953ab2ff49bdd1efc253872fe.png) can i not pu...
TheBiped (2)
Why won't my code work???
Some if statements aren't working and also print statements, I need help because some of them won't work and I can't figure out why.
ColinKirsch (0)
this is supposed to be a program that finds the average age, height, and salary of two people and changes the salary to $. i cant get the invalid synt...
Please Help! When I click to enter a line of code, my cursor shows that it is one character behind than where it really is. Any Solutions?
BPChallenges (5)
I need to break the loop so I can start asking questions. Paypal $5
I need to break the loop after signing up and logging in, so that I can ask the question "Would you like to choose the classical music quiz?"
bhavstar (0)
Guys i need your help i need you to improve the game for me here is the link
https://repl.it/@bhavstar/Games#Games.py right click this and click got to this link
McJoe21 (0)
Discord py bot - troubles finding indentation errors
Iv been through my code and have trouble finding the errors it talks about
LorenzoCampos (291)
does this work? - i need someone else to submit a few responses
just answer the questions if it registers it and everyone can see them then it works!
BooleanBean (0)
Can you help me with filling the shape with a desired color?
This is in Python. It would be good if you could help me with this, but please don't fork, just ask for edit access(long story).
Agzamikail (1)
How to make to write a letter g and they took 100 coins from me and in return I got 1 ingot of gold
How to make to write a letter g and they took 100 coins from me and in return I got 1 ingot of gold help me please
codeMusicGame (0)
Can not get ping request to work...
Console showing no errors, Not sure what I have done wrong please help. When I use !ping command in discord nothing happens. Thankyou in advance. Heat...
tickedoffsquid (8)
Having.. more issues with repl db
So, I have resolved most issues with repl db, but now if i try to have someone else use the chat, they get issues regarding NoneType has no attribute...
Kovacs06 (0)
Need help with creating this bot
Hey Everyone, I’m in need of a bit of help. I’m newer to coding and I’m trying to make an economy bot for a discord server I have for an Ark server my...