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Programming Language Jam
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Mosrod (458)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (2527)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
harisbaig1 (11)
Code doesn't run
I have been trying to run this code but it does not seemed to run at all. Can some help me what I am missing? ![ code](https://storage.googleap...
dominicl645 (29)
How would i go from here to make a game using python?
please help. i am trying to figure out more about python and i want to make a game, but i dont know how to use the imported replit and i dont know how...
HarrisonT17 (0)
How do i import turtle
pls can you help me import turtle i cant seem to get it to work even though it worked on normal python?
HyperGamerStuds (59)
Why is the audio weird?
Why is the audio glitching out in my code??? I followed a tutorial and stuff, so y is it buggy?
rehmkr (5)
Can someone help me on my function for option 1?
I would like my function for option 1 to print whether the sequence is DNA (contains t), RNA (contains u instead), and UNKNOWN (can't determine becau...
HimanshuShekha4 (5)
I know more than the basics of python .......and I want to start with django
I cannot find a helpful course till now for django please help....
DeathAngel87 (1)
i need help i cant add a action to my random
import random Chance1 = ['j0330'] Chance2 = ['j0239'] RN = random VI = value_i VI = RN.c...
SolomonKnutzen1 (5)
Error message makes no sense
Whenever I try and run the program, it gives me this error message: File "", line 28 elif main == 'No': IndentionError: expected an indented bl...
Jackolanternexe (67)
Looking for Coding partner(s) (Up to 3)
Hey! I recently had the idea to make a rather large local multiplayer game. However, I quickly discovered that in order to make the game as large as I...
aleksat (0) logging messages
I'm making an RPG bot and I need a way to get user information for a character creation. I currently have a command setup but idk how to make it log m...
Muffinlavania (1194)
Python 3: Changing variables in and updating in other files
So I recently started making Connect 4 in python, and something i found was this: I have a variable `boardslots`, and it is defined in `Board....
MocaCDeveloper (303)
Ask me something about creating a programming language!
Hi. I am willing to answer anything you might have a question about relating to creating/building a programming language! Just drop the question belo...
JannaYoussef (17)
Truth or dare?
I dare you to comment some ideas for truths or dares so I can complete this repl!
AustinLeiwant (1)
Maximum Recursion Depth Exceeded
I believe that this is a user error, and not a bug, that is why I am putting it here. I am making a discord bot, and it has worked fine up until this...
rehmkr (5)
Need help calculating the GC content
Need helping finding the code that will count the GC content which is G count + C count / sequence length
Hayesfield (21)
keeps saying failed to connect, retrying.
I use for teaching and we've had lots of issues today with failed to connect, retrying, when loading our python code.
I need feedback..
# Hey there everybody hope you are having a great day >Thanks for your great support on my Rayquaza-Rise [Part-1] >Now stay tuned as [Part-2] work is...
why is it showing me a type error and how do i solve it?
comment or suggest something about the game if you have anything in mind..
ThatOneGuy1234 (0)
How to make variables equal to operators
I don't know f I'm doing something wrong here, but I'm trying to make a simple calculator with the four main operators. Is there a certain way I have...
dominicl645 (29)
so i got stuck on this part and this is what i tried, but it didn't work...any ideas?
this is what i have to do: Favorite Food program. Get user input for 1 favFood. Iterate through the letters in favFood and print each letter on a new...
SeamusDonahue (30)
python with pyglet: pyglet.window has no Window() attribute
I was trying to write a pyglet application. The documentation (found [here](
SeniorFlarg (19)
Failed to connect, retrying
I cannot connect to this exercise. Seems im not the only one. Please fix it, or tell me how to fix it.
ElijahNa (16)
Anyone want to make a repl together?
We can make it around a theme! I'm open to suggestions. I'm not the best, but I can still do some python
NoahJospeh (9)
Another One...
What do you think? use these commands to interact: NORTH = 1 ``` SOUTH, EAST, WEST, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, IN, OUT, FORWARD, BACK ``` You don't have t...
aligoucem (41)
Saving files
How do I save a file in I can't find it anywhere in the interface.
AustinCharb (1)
Is there a way to delete everything from a database?
Hello! It is very late (12:45😴🥱🥱) Is there a way to completely erase every key and value in a database? I was doing a bunch of tests, and now I ha...
Muffinlavania (1194)
Anyone wanna help?
Anyone wanna help me make uno, i got the idea from @Bookie0, and i kinda have no idea what i'm doing, but it shouldn't be that hard... Also the langua...
BenjaminMacDou1 (1)
Is there a way to send variables over the Internet?
I want to make a game like Jackbox in Python 3. However, I don't know how to send responses and prompts from the players to the main screen. Is it pos...
How can I open a file based on user input?
In the code: ```py inF = open(input("Enter Filename: "),'r') import inF inF ``` Is there any way I can import the filename that the user inputs?
dominicl645 (29)
how would i put make a loop using exponents?
this is an assignment that i need to get done and i am confused and was wondering if anyone had any advice. if anyone has any advice please share. it...