amasad (2622)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (474)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
squidlit (4)
hi I'm new here on repl.it so please treat me well. now that introductions are out the way could anyone reading this test this prototype rpg I'm makin...
Obstacles In A Maze
Hi, I am developing a random maze for no reason, and I want to add something the user can move his object to get the gold. But I don't know how to mak...
TROD2007 (2)
Please help me, i'm trying to make it so when someone types something, it will pop something up. But idk how to. I think I have the simple stuff but I...
maxaitel (1)
Repl.it: Updating package configuration --> python3 -m poetry lock broken?!
for some reason, it breaks with this error: Repl.it: Updating package configuration --> python3 -m poetry lock every time I try to run it, I have u...
dominicl645 (261)
i have no clue on how to work the time module in python. if someone can please explain thoroughly on how to work it and help me with this one part, it...
dominicl645 (261)
Would you mind checking this for me?
if you don't mind, could you check this for me and see if i did it correctly? I'm not asking you to give me answers or anything like that, I just want...
harisbaig1 (11)
Code doesn't run
I have been trying to run this code but it does not seemed to run at all. Can some help me what I am missing? ![repl.it code](https://storage.googleap...
ColePete (9)
Why is the change from level 2 to level 3 different than the change from 1 to 2.
Look at the change from level 1 to two. Then look at the change from two to three. Why is it different? I want them to both be like the change from le...
MaryamNegeda (1)
I need help
Hello thx for wasting ur time pressing this and bothering to help :) . Basically I'm making a program that can do certain well things like option 1 op...
Bookie0 (4458)
Need some help with playing audio on repl.it [python]
Hi all, I need some help with playing an mp3 download on repl.it in python. I tried using the new audio feature ([here if you want](https://docs.repl...
JBYT27 (366)
[Resolved] Console Frozen
# Hello! #### I attached the following repl, but the console seems to be frozen. I click run, but it does nothing. What is going on? Please help, I w...
dominicl645 (261)
How would i go from here to make a game using python?
please help. i am trying to figure out more about python and i want to make a game, but i dont know how to use the imported replit and i dont know how...
Whippingdot (47)
Wanna Help
Hey, I am making a MadLibs game and wanted to ask if anyone wants to join and help me. I have so far created one para for the game. I have written the...
TravisRaney (12)
can any one help me out like a movie story, anything!
hi everyone, I am just wanting somebody to help me out on a movie story, anything!
ColePete (9)
How do I make the name a random one of the names? How do I make it where the name is not used again
How do I make the monster name a random one of my names in the monster_names section? And how do I make it to where that name is not chosen again?
dominicl645 (261)
yall, i think im overthinking this, but i need help
so i am having to do this: Write the code to multiply the numbers 1 through 7. The output should look like: 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 = 5040 remember you can use...
darkdarcool (22)
I need help!
Can someone help me with this! I'm making this as a remake of what I made as a kid, and this is the fourth part. And this is really long, so I nee...
brogen (42)
How do I play sounds from files?
I want to try to play a sound but I don't know how.
objectme12 (37)
can any one help me import a clicker game method to this new code
i want to know how to make a clikcer game so can anyone help me
Jackolanternexe (68)
Looking for Coding partner(s) (Up to 3)
Hey! I recently had the idea to make a rather large local multiplayer game. However, I quickly discovered that in order to make the game as large as I...
dabombdgdzjr (102)
# How would I add if statements to my coding language
# So... I made this cool simple coding language, but i dont know how I would add if statements. Help would be really appreciated ### kthxbye
SolomonKnutzen1 (5)
Error message makes no sense
Whenever I try and run the program, it gives me this error message: File "main.py", line 28 elif main == 'No': IndentionError: expected an indented bl...
dhruvkumarrajan (4)
Setting Up a Database
Who knows how to set up a database for my arcade so that I can store user id, password, et. Thanks!
JannaYoussef (17)
Truth or dare?
I dare you to comment some ideas for truths or dares so I can complete this repl!
Hayesfield (22)
keeps saying failed to connect, retrying.
I use repl.it for teaching and we've had lots of issues today with failed to connect, retrying, when loading our python code.
aligoucem (52)
Saving files
How do I save a file in repl.it? I can't find it anywhere in the interface.
Flyingcrabs (5)
can someone help me with python. i what to learn advanced stuff?
Hi so i been sent to a project but i don't get some part of the code
Muffinlavania (1391)
Python 3: Changing variables in main.py and updating in other files
So I recently started making Connect 4 in python, and something i found was this: I have a variable `boardslots`, and it is defined in main.py `Board....
SeniorFlarg (20)
Failed to connect, retrying
I cannot connect to this exercise. Seems im not the only one. Please fix it, or tell me how to fix it.
dabombdgdzjr (102)
So, I decided to make a console...
I need some help on any new commands for my console, and how to make my makefile code have enters # if you have a suggestion pls comment # current co...