amasad (3022)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (482)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
BrendanD10 (3)
Someone pls help
I don't know how to do this I have went back and watched videos and everything they didn't help. Then create the following: A loop that will output e...
Flyingcrabs (7)
templates/base.html django
so if you go and scroll down to </head> to bottom it is like i put it in a text file but i did not
RyanNewman3 (1)
How do I change background colour on the repl
what is the command that makes the background colour change
LohBoon (0)
Fail to keyin password
I was learning Django tutorial creating an admin user. However, i have encounter the system not allow me to key in the password & password (again). P...
BrandonBailey3 (5)
Syntax murder
Hi, I am currently running very low on the will to live right now because of syntax, can anyone help?
KeenanBusch (6)
Can some one help me with this?
I trying to make it to where it asks you if the sky is is blue and if you input “True” or “true” or “T” or “t”, than it says your correct or if you in...
BrandonBailey3 (5)
Hello! I need help with this repl, I'm trying to make a text-based adventure game for fun and I don't have the time to code it entirely, I will put id...
romulushill (0)
Why doesnt this work? Its the default discord.py music bot template!
I have forked the default discord.py music bot template and yet when I attempt to play music with it in chat it says: An error occurred: Command raise...
srsly (0)
Hello everyone how do you change the color of text?
I want to know how to change color of text for my new project
srsly (0)
How do you change color of text in python
I’m using it for a project
OverlordNS (6)
My console size is very small (Urgent answer needed)
![Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 11.40.03 AM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1610642448817_e76b01e4f44305dfd5355ade826707ce.png)
JacobMcPherson1 (22)
is there any way I can loop the 2 lines of code print('bababooey') and time.sleep(0.01) I'm pretty new to python soo I don't really know
jessedevries08 (0)
How do i download this?
If i download it in a .ZIP folder it doesnt open
isaiah08 (54)
Why is replit.db not updating???
I have **NO CLUE** why this is not working login using the credentials `test` as username and `pass` as password, then post something. It will redirec...
RyanNewman3 (1)
How do i ask the player/ user a question
i have been working on this dice roll for about an hour and i am stuck on the 'do you like my dice' question because i dont know how to ask questions...
TommyVictory (224)
Use seperate repl as db? (python)
I'm creating a program called ScriptShare and I want to post it on repl talk, but the script and user files won't be saved so I want to use a differen...
AidenSanvido (0)
Title Screen Squished
I am using a couple of print statements in order to print a title, but for some reason it no longer (as of the last few hours) fills the entire consol...
hadthelad (11)
why is my function not calling
im making a poker game (you dont have to know how to play it) and i made a function called smart_computer_start() which for some reason doesn't do any...
DSAVeronika20 (0)
the /n won't seperate my lines
hey everyone i am trying to use the /n to seperate my story lines but for the last two lines they wont separate can someone help me?? i am just beginn...
mrcoxall (3)
pycodestyle is ignoring errors and warnings?
I want my students to run "pycodestyle", so they can check their style before submitting their assignments. I went to the shell and ran: ~/pycodesty...
LeviBernard (3)
This is a project for my computer science class where we have to make image filters. Neither me nor my teacher can figure out why this error message i...
DrawWithPython (6)
Is it possible to pick up updates of a forked repl without Git
I might need to work with the (very young) beginner users who don't have any Git (or programming) experience, who are just getting started. So I was w...
TejasvMaheshwar (7)
Why there is invalid syntax error in q2.py
Please try to explain in very simple manner to run q2.py type "python q2.py" in shell
MonkeyBoi (0)
This got an exit status when running a cv2 script
Hey I am trying to make a feature detection and when I run the cv2.py file it runs perfectly fine until the end where it gets and exit status 2
jnrchewie (0)
circular import
What is circular import and how do I fix it?
LittleScribbler (0)
Discord bot!
Hello! I'm trying to make a discord bot that can moderate. Could someone help? Have a nice day from your scribbler. ☁
SoggyPickel2 (0)
Need help
The "Modified sums" application calculates two types of sums depending on which control button is pressed. When the "Sum of signs alternating with For...
darkdarcool (36)
I need help.
I forked a repl for the repl auth in python/html, and I Wanted to make an admin page(that would just show extra option).I got it showing me extra thi...
FineMouche (1)
what is the full code ? because the newsletter don't give it
@eankeen hi normally it's your program, you have many repli i don't find it in replis you made :/ Where i see your program : https://blog.repl.it/fix...
MesoLol (0)
Hi, what is te problem in my proyect?
I'dont speak english sorry for this and help me please my proyect is in spanish