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⛈Brainstorm ⛈What should we code?
The last time I had one of these threads, we got a lot of cool answers. So... let's kick this off again! What should we code? What should I, Katya, co
khpries (0)
tkinter in teacher section
tkinter works nicely in "my repls," but does not appear to exist in the teacher/classroom section of Any info on this?
GammyNieves (0)
Hello Everyone! I am Gammy Nieves, and I am starting to learn more coding and looking forward to collaborating in anything I can help.
AmeliaBond (0)
I don't know what is wrong with my code, can somebody help?
MobileManiac (0)
launching built-in Django unit test : how?
Hello, How can I launch Django built-in testing routines ? The Django reference says to launch the command: python test I don't think I can
StoneGang (0)
Hello Mates :)
Looking forward to start coding [Python] I'm currently working in IT industry, but not programming field. Mainly dealing with quality analysis of IT
JamesOtieno (3)
hello everyone, nice to meet you. Looking forward to practicing my code here, as everyone else
UnnamedIam (0)
5day challenge
Hi, trying to join the 5 day challenge, I haven't received an email yet however and I have done all the steps, Help please! :)
xLimitlezs (1)
Dadas 4 calificaciones crear un programa que nos de el promedio y nos diga si el estudiante aprobo
Ravi_Melkote (0)
General question
Does repl not automatically save your work? Is there something you must do to save it?
AdamSchaufelber (0)
i need help
haha ya this aint good mane my code aint be working and uhhhh can i get a big mac maybe?
EllaFan (0)
Help needed with adding variables (python)
I had problems with applying operations to variables. For example, if I was trying to add 1 and 1 with variables like so: print(int1+int2) The output
JiwooBL (0)
RE: Database for Discord Bot (
I coded my bot's database using sqlite. In the same directory, I created file.db as the database but nothing is saved permanently on file.db. Data get
genc (0)
is there a friend who wants to write html css js codes in multiplayer?
silverlord (0)
Servers / VM?
On the hacker plan, does a users individual repls run on the same virtual machine or does each repl spin up a new virtual machine?
maddaluno (2)
Where to find new already done classroom repls
I'm a teacher, I was looking at some months ago and there were a lot of public classrooms to copy and start working... Now opening this link h
OK77 (0)
Cant reach localhost
Hi there, I tried this example to start learning Flask, but when I try pointing my browser to I get ERRCONNECTIONREFUSED in Ch
a_siebel (2)
Couldnt' find screens to manage
When i used in the classroom, i got the following error on serveral of the students computers in a repl with pyton+pygame using miniworldmaker
sharkquik (0)
While loops
Simple program to input 2 integers and display in ascending order. I want to check first integer can be greater, equal or less than second integer di
vikand23 (0)
I need a game over screen
Can someone help me with adding a game over screen in my game? Also it's Tkinter
tepihiwhiu1 (0)
This is my first website
can you guys give me some advice on how to change my name without it messing up my buttons
Gerardo123 (1)
Domain linking, please help does not work it has been over 48 hours
(IGNORE THE CONNECTED REPL, just didn't want to share the website's code that I had a question on!) Hello I bought a domain from godaddy and I tried t
aidroidtechusa (1)
HELP1 I need help loading my repl and after over 10 mins of waiting, I got the message in the picture.
MatthewDoan1 (19)
Kotlin Project Ideas?
Hi everybody! I recently finished reading a book on Kotlin Programming: check it out here. To test my knowledge of the language, I've done a few sim
Carlosbischnn (0)
#include #include int main() { double RECEH, SALARY; int NUMBER, HDT; scanf ("%i %i %lf", NUMBER, HDT, RECEH); SALARY = RECEH * HDT; prinf("NUMB
NicholasManaris (0)
python turtle colormode error
I want to make every line in the code a different hue of green but it is not working every time I put in the code can someone help me out.
bruhwhat (0)
Is this supposed to happen? (Javascript)
Recently while working on a project in Javascript I stumbled upon something quite peculiar. I feel like this isn't supposed to happen: //a is declared
Chattr (0)
Need developers!
Hello! My team and I are creating a large scale social media website. On this website you will be able to chat, friend, post pictures or videos, host
javakid999 (2)
Bullets completely broken
Okay. So i am working on this project. The collisions seemed to be working fine, but instead of shooting bullets freely, it shoots them one at a time.
strangeLanguage (0)
repl stopped taking input
Hello, I am new to python and repl. I have been playing around with the console and I needed to clear it for better view, clear() didn't work, I typed
servgas (0)
How to run another java file
Hi, i am new, using the online compiler. I did a couple of test codes, one at the main. java and another one in another file that I created. but I