amasad (2652)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (474)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
muffinman12345 (4)
Pizza Maker
Can I somehow make a better one?
JeremiahSaunder (4)
How can I add a 404 page to my Express web server?
I have a node.js webserver, but I can't get a 404 page that displays a html file working. How can I fix this?
elipie (297)
Why is My python program not working, READING FILE
Alrighty # da program Ok so I am trying to make a program to sort through files, its gonna be noice. I am reading it char by char `chars` and word b...
smuchallil (0)
for x in range(start, stop)
Hi all, She showed in her video the stop is the number-1 which I think should be just number(without -1), since in range the stop value is excluded....
Squirrel777 (40)
[Firebase Nodejs] Error: 9 FAILED_PRECONDITION pls helppppppp Im very desperate now
Ok Im getting tired of spamming repl talk with questions about Firebase. So basically everything is *almost* done but whenever I try to run my repl (I...
joseluiz23 (0)
can you give me these codes?
I'm in doubt in code for 3 commands, the lock / warn / mute code. Can you give me some of these codes please? (I'm from Brazil, sorry if I have errors...
muffinman12345 (4)
Fun thing to see
Can you use 1000 lines of code to say hi.
PyCoder01 (51)
Why is this post locked?
Why is this post locked? https://repl.it/talk/share/Kahoot-misclick-trainer/81155 Is it botted upvotes? @CodeLongAndPros
PyCoder01 (51)
isaiah08 (51)
```html Hello learner! Are you new to python? Press 1 if you are, and 2 if you know some. <script> document.addEventListener('keydown', function(eve...
xxpertHacker (480)
Uses for HTML?
Does HTML have any use outside of being displayed as a web page on a browser? Would it be feasible to use such a language for anything else? I know...
Wolfdog35 (0)
Indented block
When I try to do a if then else. When I try to do the else command I keep getting "expected an indented block" error. I get same message on elif. Not...
beatrizvtorres (0)
Matriz e Matriz Invertida - Beatriz Vitoria da Silva Torres
include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define tam 10 int main() { float matriz1[tam][tam]; //Matriz valorada pelo Usuário float matriz2[tam][tam...
dehteam3 (0)
The help and ping and say commands
Can you please send me the code of The help command The ping command The say command
bohandong (0)
Random Triangle
Why is there always a triangle when my 3rd character is drawn?
OscarSowerbutts (2)
How do I say that my question has been answered?
I can see other people saying that their question has been answered. How do I say that? They have a little green box on the post that says "answered"
aguy11 (124)
Why does p5.js image not load?
I have tried to create a car AI (With neural net and everything). But I am having trouble drawing images onto the `<canvas>` in which I want to displa...
ahmedmohammed11 (0)
I find it difficult to display my plots
Hi, I am trying to run a code that clusters unstructured text using kmeans and evaluate the metrics of the clusters. I dont know why my code is not di...
DiegoCamacho3 (3)
scroll text
hey does anyone know how to make a script for scroll text in python? if anyone does please let me know (only if you agree to the idea of me stealing y...
Willywillycow (1)
defining script problem
The problem is that logically, from my perspective, the output from printing test_1() and test_2() should be the same which is “Program successes.”, b...
EpicGamer007 (748)
Why does this happen?
![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1606327487588_543f6e0e80588069be54d75fbf25f25a.png) @Coder100 , this is your client. I am tryi...
how would i do this?
Split codeTip into a words list. Print the joined words in the list with no spaces in-between. codeTip = Read code aloud or explain the code step by...
dehteam3 (0)
How To Start A Discord.js bot
Like, I want to know how to let repl.it connect or login to my bot with tye token,....etc
what are the numbers next to your name, and what do they do?
i am new to repl and i see that people have these numbers next to their names and i was wondering what they are and if they serve any purpose. any hel...
Squirrel777 (40)
[Nodejs] Firebase get credentials and stuff
Ok this is (hopefully) the last question related to Firebase. I am definitely going to make a tutorial on Firebase if I ever get it running successful...
InvisibleOne (480)
What happened to @Repltalk?
Why isn't @repltalk still welcoming people to the platform?
elipie (297)
Who would like to help me make a website?
Alr, so basically, I need help styling and someone who knows their stuff. By someone who knows their stuff, I mean knows stuff about coding. This mean...
JasonLiu19 (39)
C++ Question
How do you "peek" forward another character? ```cpp std::string pronounce(std::string str){ std::string part; bool con=false; for(auto v:str){...
Smart0ne (570)
AI Learn How to Play Snake?
Hi repl.it, I found some code from https://github.com/donkeyshaun/Snake, so I'm trying to run it. The repl I'm using is linked in this post, but when...
CyberHacker101 (2)
Eh, I am bored just give me something goooooooood and interesting to code. It can be the wackiest thing to the most idiotic. For example, Code with *s...