Mosrod (504)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3263)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
BooleanBean (0)
Can you help me with filling the shape with a desired color?
This is in Python. It would be good if you could help me with this, but please don't fork, just ask for edit access(long story).
W4yw4rdMinkThe (0)
controls not working after updating setReferencePoint to anchor
so i just updated lines 234, 323 & 332 so that i wasn't using old (graphicsCompatibility 1.0) code and now my controls aren't working with the updated...
XtraHyper1 (0)
How to send automated instagram messages when a message is sent to me
I need a way to reply to messages as soon as they are sent using a bot that uses my account to send a message. Thanks
atamaniuk (0)
ACCEPT doesnt work
Hi In the sequence cr ." Key: " pad 1 accept cr ." Key: " pad 2 + 1 accept the first ACCEPT works ok, the second one will loop.
Agzamikail (1)
what is the command so that the command is done once if ?
what is the command so that the command is done once if ? please tell me
odla (0)
what's missing?
Hi, i am very new here and rookie. Created a repl from a working github repo. After a $ npm start, a result should appear on localhost:8080 ![imag...
Agzamikail (1)
How to make to write a letter g and they took 100 coins from me and in return I got 1 ingot of gold
How to make to write a letter g and they took 100 coins from me and in return I got 1 ingot of gold help me please
codeMusicGame (0)
Can not get ping request to work...
Console showing no errors, Not sure what I have done wrong please help. When I use !ping command in discord nothing happens. Thankyou in advance. Heat...
w4823m (1)
How can I change background color of the console division?
Because I am a lightly color blind person, the console division background is too dark to see clearly. Especially when an error message appeared, the...
SchuylerZheng (0)
Repl.it looks broken...
I was trying to change the background, but it didn't change the background at all.
codingjlu (28)
Why do I keep getting double spaces in the console?
I was coding in Java, when a couple of hours ago, I was typing in the console, and whenever I press space it gives me two instead of one. This was the...
SchuylerZheng (0)
Help me figure out how to get and receive donations
I'm making a donation page, but I don't know how to please help me.
LegendaryWolf (289)
How to change terminal color in python
How to change terminal color in python, pls help meh!
DavidSafro (2)
hEllo there, pls my good people help me. My school recently introduced a more rigorous computer policy for all managed devices which means I lost m...
DevChrisChan (0)
Undo button on iPadOS Safari?
Is there an undo button for iPadOS safari, or any keyboard shortcuts for it?
Hariharanshyam1 (0)
Interduction of myself
Hello my name is Hariharan. I am java coder. and I have a basic team named Home coders. If you want to join you are welcomed to join my team or I can...
pegasusroe (8)
array from module is not an Array?
In my repl, I made an array from `module.js`. From the module's log, the array is still an `Array`, but from the `index.js` log, it's not an `Array` a...
yyd22002 (0)
Live countdown bot for Discord
I'm trying to develope a bot that can live countdown in the channel. If a user type '!t', then the bot will send a message with 'Timer is running - 5...
InvisibleOne (2288)
I need help with a glitchy typing game
I'm working on making a new typing game, but it's really glitchy, can anybody tell me why? Is it because my event listener is inside of the function?...
tickedoffsquid (8)
Having.. more issues with repl db
So, I have resolved most issues with repl db, but now if i try to have someone else use the chat, they get issues regarding NoneType has no attribute...
TristanCedrickD (0)
i need a team who wanna joined
plz join I need a coding team okay so who wanna join I reply to your comments
Repl.it Darkmode, and check mark
Hi, i just needed help with the repl.it dark mode, and the check mark in the `ask` section. So if someone could help me out with the repl.it dark mo...
Kovacs06 (0)
Need help with creating this bot
Hey Everyone, I’m in need of a bit of help. I’m newer to coding and I’m trying to make an economy bot for a discord server I have for an Ark server my...
SchuylerZheng (0)
I'm trying to make a donation page, but I don't know how to start making payments.
I have it on another repl to by the way.
mrcoxall (3)
Repl output with no code access
I am looking for a way to show the output terminal from a Repl, but students can NOT see my code. It use to be possible with Repl.Run. That has been...
Repl.it URL
Is it just me or did repl.it change their URL? It is now ``replit.com``. Previously, I think it was ``repl.it``. Am I imagining things or did this act...
MuffinsTheCat (0)
What is the use of >>> in python?
Often when I look at python tutorials I see something like this: ``` >>>print("Hello, world!") ``` But when I type code with the >>> is returns an inv...
AmhedeWeeeeeuss (2)
I need another diagnostic. why are my stars not deleting themselves?
wait a few seconds, then click on the screen. then wait 10 seconds. why are the stars not deleting them selves? they still appear in the Inspect men...
ryota23 (0)
Please tell me how to comment out the entered code at once.
Please tell me how to comment out the entered code at once. I'm using Google Translate, so it may not be correct ...
ia13ru (35)
JavaScript Problem
What is wrong with this code? I am not sure. Javascript: ```javascript function check(){ var code; var text = document.createElement("div"); for...