Mosrod (505)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (3277)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Salinas8Emily (0)
how can a see a complete picture on my screen of what am I drawing with my coding.
TheC0derGirl (107)
Random Python Projects coming up
Hey guys, just wondering if this has happened to anyone else - I opened finder and for some reason theres random projects saved in IDLE that I didn't...
NicholasSutin (1)
Does anyone know the code for hole 196 in javascript? hehe
I need the code in javascript for hole 196 and how to use it, anyone know it?
NicholasSutin (1)
anyone know how to convert this into python or something? i need it to work if it can lol
>>> p = Ether(dst="80.808.080.8:8080", src="", type=0x800) >>> p /= IP(src="80.808.080.8:8080",dst="80.808.080.8:8080") >>> p/= ICM...
ZachEarly (0)
I need to make the boolean discount true when the name is Mike or Diane. I need to make it so that it will be the right crust that the user input ever...
codingjlu (43)
How come code doesn't work on repl but works on other platforms?
I'm trying to create a ChatBot in the console. If the ChatBot doesn't know how to answer a question, the ChatBot will ask the user how to answer it. T...
KinetekREPLit (1)
How can I do exponents with BigDecimals without converting to INT.
So I'm trying to make a calculator in Java and I'm adding a feature to do exponents. So everything is in BigDecimal for the accuracy but it refuses to...
JavaTime (0)
Java coders, why am I getting this error?
So I am pretty good at python but for a class that I have to take next year I need to start learning Java. I know it won't be easy to learn an entirel...
skrgusrnt (1)
Hi, I don't know, why my Relp.it doesn't make autocomplete....
only in python.... why??? please give me advise
GizelleCantil (0)
kitty playtime
can you help me? i am just a kid and i do not know what to do (just request to edit if you're not a member) ![Uploading download.png...]()
Ardin16 (6)
How do i get input to accept 2+ words in name and print it without it being used in teamName
(maybe limit to 1 spaces between parts as well so it can only take First Last) Ex of what i'm tryng to get, What is your username? First Last Us...
XDCloudWolf (0)
I need help building a website
Hello please I need help building a website I will reward with free stuff in the website thank you join it should be public if not email me at XDCloud...
studentSakethSa (0)
i can not get what wrong i this code can tell that the problem in this code
studentSakethSa (0)
i not get how add item into array list
i not get how add item into array list
dcspotter (0)
Help with coding
Hey I need help with some homework I'm trying to do. I'm currently in CS101 beginning to learn about Java and I need some help on coding with Java her...
Dawson313 (0)
How in the world do i get the same output from my code as in the link??? I have been trying everything i can possibly think of and watching tutorials...
studentSakethSa (0)
flower garden
Create a class that stores an ArrayList of Strings. The Strings store 2 bits of information about flowers. The Strings store a count and a name....
Dawson313 (0)
How do i use all the methods and variables in Student.java in Main.java?
I've been wotking on this for while for a school project but half the stuff ive been shown that works by other here on repl i'm not allowed to use (ex...
studentSakethSa (0)
i am get memory address not actually number. what to do to resolve it
studentSakethSa (0)
this code is not runner so can you guys where i went wrong
sasqe (0)
Redo doesnt work
There needs to be a button to redo. Because none of the keyboard shortcuts for redo work on replit. And it's specifically replit too, because I can ct...
Dawson313 (0)
How do i use the addscore section to help me calculate a gpa and then print it as text?
I have to use this section: public void addScore (int score) { // Increase number of numGrades numScores ++; // Increase number of totalPoi...
Evanlicious (92)
About Java...
Hey! I'm trying to learn some basic Java concepts (as I want to learn more programming languages), and I think I've learned most of them. However, I w...
Dawson313 (0)
How do i use the Student.java file to get the needed output?
I have to use these: public void setGrade (int sGrade) { grade = sGrade; } /* *adds a new grade for this Student */ public void addSc...
Dawson313 (0)
How can i make the print line statements be put in a method that will change 1 to 2 and that new 2 two a three when the method is called again and the...
SethThompson3 (0)
How to create a keyword to autofill?
Say I wanted to create a public static void. I am looking for a way to type in psv and get some form of code completion to write it out. Any way of do...
Chill16 (1)
How do you import the TextIO class into repl.it?
I am learning Java via this textbook http://math.hws.edu/javanotes/c2/s4.html and one of the lessons is about the TextIO class but I can't seem to fin...
Avifire (5)
Need help with the score
I tried everything but the score doesn't work. I don't have any more ideas.
studentBosserBo (0)
What is the output for this
list = [2, 5, -3, 7, -5, 9, 0] b = 0 s = 1 repeat 7 b = b + list[ s ] s = s + 1 say b
talynnhardy (0)
How to make the user words come out bold when the user is typing?
How you get make the words of the user that were typed into a sentence?