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Mosrod (385)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
Jovantri (0)
Why my eval command is error :(
Help me, if i run , log say there is no eval command! Please help me and fix :(
WoodC1 (0)
what is wrong with my code?
Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my code or fix it please as it was just working with no changes and now that ive run it again it is show...
MesyetiIsTaken (49)
It won't print the whole string
My Batch interpreter won't print the whole string, it always leaves out a letter at the end
Chrysaor102 (13)
Is there an easier way to do this?
Do I have do write every single number in the list?
Chrysaor102 (13)
Why isn't this working?
I am only a beginner programming.
NimrodWander (0)
Add Anaconda To Project
I have tried to install and activate anaconda from the "packages". I used the command in Open Shell "activate conda" and in response it got: "command...
slippypods (0)
any top comment bots?
Is there any top comment bots for Instagram around. Need one ASAP
parag18 (1)
I am not able to view my output when hit Run button
I am not able to view my output when hit Run button,nothing shows in output window.
Taipen (0)
Need help...
Making a simple game 4x4 sudoku. I need yor helps. This is my first game.
VatsalSingh (0)
How to solvbe this:repl has a port open and is ready to receive HTTP traffic.
Please provide the solution of this.
syflexer (358)
Need help with a value errors
so i am not very used to working with lots of numbers and i am making a program for my grampa so he can calculate his electricity bill and split it am...
Icekit (8)
I need help I have an error I don't know how to fix!
I have an error in my story thou I don't I don't know how to fix it and what is wrong with it!
Pdiddy45 (1)
Multiple If/else statements
i have been trying to do if else statments and cant seem to get it to work. I can get 1 if else statment down no problem but beyond that i cant get it...
takipsizAD (0)
can somebody help me to run all files in repl
i need help can somebody help me to run all files in repl
Archanakumar13 (1)
In Python - Taking Date Of Birth as input and finding out the user's age in Years, Months and Days
In the Python Programming Language, How can I use the input function to take the user's Date of Birth and use that to find the user's age in Years, Mo...
TejasvMaheshwar (4)
How can i fix the none thing when guess_count == 2
Please answer my question as simple as possible as i am a newbie.....
SamnWakefield (2)
can anyone please show me how can i open a video file in a python script??
lets say is in a folder name movies in Downloads/
valdonoja01A (3)
Help on project
I figured it out thanks anyway for your help
valdonoja01A (3)
Flow chart
Yes like a flow chart that how my professor what me to do it
juhyemin (0)
How can I use webdriver.Chrome() on this platform?
Hello I've tried to use selenium webdriver on this platfor.. I added my Chromewebdriver.exe file on my repl, but it did not work. I also tried w...
valdonoja01A (3)
Drawing shape
My professor want me to draw the shapes on the computer like this ![70BDF43D-98BE-4DCC-B366-E31B51F11B3F](
hadthelad (7)
how will I be able to do this
hi so im relatively still new to python and i decided to make a random story generator, so if you know what it is you know how your able to select the...
AvaBell (2)
I need help with import random
For each "emotion" that you're feeling a list of movies follows the emotion in a list. There are 3 movies in each list and I used print(random.choice(...
Icekit (8)
help plz
I need help with if satements.
NarwhalFanatic (20)
Need help with making pop-ups (python, if I need to import anything tell me)
Hello! I am trying to create some sort of GUI and wanted to create a popup for testing purposes but for the first time stack-overflow isn't helping. I...
Sopletr (3)
Could I code everything with Python here?
Hello, world!!! Guys I trying to do a course tutorial on YouTube (This one Could I code everythin...
JacksonCowie (362)
Value not writing to correct key in JSON
Hey There, So I'm trying to increment a value in my JSON file. The idea is that I can call a function (dayInc() which is in and it will incr...
Joliver9 (0)
Global Variables
All of my code works until I go to a different file in the programme and then my global variables do not work and I am told that they are undefined. I...
valdonoja01A (3)
Create flow chart
Yes I would like it to Create with the different shape boxes
AmbujSingh (0)
Getting an error .
import urllib.request import time import json import random # Server API URLs QUERY = "http://localhost:8080/query?id={}" # 500 server request N = 5...