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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
Mosrod (458)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
amasad (2527)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
PDanielY (1091) Desktop 😯
Hello, replers I was just wondering if any of you are interested in a desktop app. I know they were working on one but I think they stopped th...
ReAquila (89)
I downloaded my code as zip. When it comes to upload the file in a new repl nothing happens. Someone can help me out, please?
Wilmor21 (77)
Mobile App?
What do you think about making a mobile app for repl. There are very few functioning IDE apps that allow you to install packages as well.
Kognise (414) Mobile App
As some of you may know, isn't the most mobile-friendly website. I'm considering making a mobile app for it, and I'm asking the community: Wo...
AryanTaha (65)
how to add image in html
in html
LifeIsOverrated (81)
Collaborative programming
Will it ever be possible to have multiple people coding on the same repl at the same time? I know ,for me, this is repl's biggest drawback. Will this...
EvokQuadro (52)
How to save a project? : )
pls help ! I really can not find any way to save my project.
PYer (3454)
How Did YOU Find is one of many online coding platforms. How did you find this one? Did you do a google search? A friend? Why did you choose over the m...
katyadee (1221)
What should we code?
I've seen a couple of posts around here where people are asking what they should work on next. Let's use this space to brainstorm some cool projects.
aligoucem (41)
Saving files
How do I save a file in I can't find it anywhere in the interface.
Kopamed (234)
Why is begging for upvotes so effective on repl
I mean most posts nowadays have a line saying "upvote because this helps me out". While this is already kinda bad, its acceptable. But there are also...
cmarts (36)
share link
How do we share the link of our code with someone?
Zexogon (873)
Give me your problems!
Hey guys! I want you to give me your stupid problems something like “I can’t open my bag of chips” or whatever so I can make a video about trying to s...
Deacon_Cronin (67)
nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout
Occasionally whenever I run any pygame repl (at least to my knowledge regardless of code) it which eventually display "nohup: redirecting stderr to st...
TheCoiledViper (63)
Uploading Image Files On
In order to create a game, I need to use an image file saved on my PC as a Sprite. Is it possible to upload it from my PC into a as a .jpg
mkhoi (291)
Default name challenge
Create a default-named repl and do whatever the name says Submit your repls here __NEWS:__ __ @neodymium [TinySpicySeptagon](
Lumpy_Wiggles (88)
Username Change
I noticed that @JSer changed his username multiple times, but as far as I know, you can't change your username without having your account deleted the...
AwesomeJack1 (33)
I can't connect. At all.
Please help I can't connect to any of my replits and I need to turn this one in a week. Please can anyone give me a fix.
katyadee (1221)
⛈Brainstorm ⛈What should we code?
The last time I had one of these threads, we got a lot of cool answers. So... let's kick this off again! What should we code? What should I, Katya, co...
amasad (2527)
New design -- pog or cringe?
What do you guys think of design update? Here is what it looks like but you can easily open a new repl to see it. ![Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 8.40.2...
Leeyongil (28)
Failed to connect, retrying
"Failed to connect, retrying" this sentance repete consistantly
BenOfWillis (34)
Where did Nathan go?
Hello, I recently received an email from Amjad and although I am overjoyed at the contact I wonder what happened to my regular correspondent: Nathan....
HarveyH (159)
Export Files
Can you add the ability to export file from the website onto your computer? I think that would be really cool! I know it would be REALLY hard to this,...
JSer (245)
Music you guys listen to
Do you regularly listen to music? If so, what genres and artists of music?
amasad (2527)
What does REPL stand for?
Wrong answers only. Also asked here
RohilPatel (1177)
Is Samsung Or Apple Better?
# Is Samsung or Apple Better? > Hi my friend, we call him Miko, (yes, the same one from @Coder100 's post) decided to say that Samsung was better tha...
ckunx (25)
Community classrooms missing?
I used to be able to search for community classrooms, but nowadays when I click on Teach/Learn, all I see are the featured classrooms. What happened t...
Can we have daily/weekly question?
I think repl should have a question of the day or question of the week. Questions like the advent of code thing. We could have users submit there ques...
ChandlerMorell (76)
Repl talk
I wonder why Repl talk isn't called "Reply". A perfect opportunity for a play on words.
Yuahde (48)
Guys help
There's a hacker on and my friend @SkyyCivil was recently hacked. my multiplayer repls just say "GET nae nae d by the nae nae master" if this...