Submit your best music themed repls!
katyadee (1118)
Hey folks! A lot of you have been asking me the same kinds of questions, so I figured i'd make a handy FAQ: 1. What's the theme? The theme is music!
katyadee (1118)
UPDATE: WINNERS POSTPONED // ✨Check back here for our Music Hackathon results! ✨
We all want to know who won that $5,000 grand prize. Check back on Monday, 7/29, to find out who our winners are! This announcement has been postpon
Anthony_Tonev (77)
🎵 📦 Music Box Editor 📦 🎵
A simple editor for creating music box melodies with an animated music box that "plays" them for you. Very basic: Just click on the diamonds to gener
raghavm (66)
Influxion - A Rhythmic Platformer
Project by @LehuyH and @raghavm Influxion - A Rhythm Driven Platformer The only skill you need is your knowledge of a song! Links: Click HERE to pla
katyadee (1118)
🚨THE THEME IS MUSIC🚨: WIN $5,000! We're having another competition!
Friends, foes, loyal Replers, Boy do I have some news for y'all! On July 1st, we're kicking off another competition and the stakes are higher than ev
EchoCoding (252)
I made animated headphones that model the ones I wear in real life. For the REPL Music Challenge, I decided to give my project a little twist with a r
joshhies (145)
🎵 An App where you just click and make good-hearing music. 🎵
Well, me and my friend thought that this idea would be cool so we go ahead and make it. By me and and my friend I mean me and B0t. Part we do in this
rshetty (66)
BeatKeeper - Make a rhythm game out of literally any song
BeatKeeper Although I did all the coding on this game, I have to give a huge thank you to the p5.js and JsMediaTags libraries for making my life easi
AbirHaque (16)
Visually Pleasing Music Writer (With Turtle Graphics)
Hello! This project was done independently. The programming language used was Python, with Turtle graphics utilized. My project draws a very simple m
samdevz (31)
🎶SynthSource: Discover, learn about, create, and share music on a brand new platform!
Are you ready to discover new cultures? Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 11.28.23 PM Do you want personalized recommendations based on your tastes? Screen
canteventhink (21)
Hey, you said music. This was the first thing that came to mind. It's ironic the button to submit this says "Let's rock and roll." But yeah, hope you
BLyons (11)
Artificially Intelligent Audio Player
Simple , fast, highly intelligent and remarkably accurate. Any sound, song, theme, band, or artist. Mobile, BlueTooth and Gracenote capable for pass
ShadowCypher (29)
Smartify - A Spotify-Powered thematic album queue
smartify introduction We all know how it feels to be listening to an energetic song and suddenly getting pumped up, only to find that the next song
Snowflake (43)
musiPix - Create music from images!
musiPix create music from images Ever wanted to make your own song but don't know how? Well, now you can... kinda.
vedprad1 (707)
Environ - The Bridge Between Music and Code
Environ The Bridge between Music and Code Environ is a new coding IDE that sets up the perfect environment for coding. It has an editor workspace an
antonmata (21)
Synthrogue 🤖⌨🎶🥁 - Program a robot to escape using a sequencer
Synthrogue 🤖⌨🎶🥁 Program a robot to escape using a sequencer Play the game 🚀 > ⛑ If you are having issues running the game, you can also use thi
rediar (93)
Play chess and listen to music
Listen to the extremely relaxing and very quiet "ode to joy" while playing chess. Try playing chess while the chorus starts screaming. Chess Note Uses
AdrianHall (58)
Lil Tay simulator
Freestyle Rhyming Rap Lyrics Generator The program will endlessly freestyle in a mildly amusing imitation of modern rap. It feels a little like a fu
srodvasquez (5)
Music Kombat
Music Kombat A music-themed 2-player fighting game packed into an itty bitty resolution space! Employ one of three instruments (each imbued with phen
SnailPotato (10)
Musical Waves!!!
YAY!!! Introduction Welcome to my project, Musical Waves. I created this project by myself (not a group project). In this program, you will journey
lsambrook (284)
🎶🎵 FEEL THE MUSIC 🎶🎵 (version 2)
Hey guys ! I present you my Feel the music website, I made it all by myself using a template that I modified. Please upvote if you like it. FOR NOW
GrinInTheBin (15)
Online Music Player
The Online Music Player is a user-friendly web application which uses the YouTube API and was styled with Materialize framework. The app’s advantage l
ArpanDhatt (148)
Musical Studio - Compose and Share Music on the Web!
This is Musical Studio, an online platform that enables you to create your own music. Features 6 instruments Individually adjustable volumes for inst
enchanter (14)
ToneBasic: Programming With Sound!
ToneBasic: Programming With Sound! Hi, everyone! For my submission I decided to create my own version of the BASIC language, along with an editor tha
AlephZero (242)
🧬🎵 Music Evolved 🎵🧬 - Visualize, Generate and Evolve Music!
🧬🎵 Music Evolved 🎵🧬 MusicEvolved allows you to visualize, generate and evolve new music using Markov Chains and an interactive Genetic Algorithm.
katyadee (1118)
We had some great conversations going on on our Discord about some of the pitfalls of Spotify-- like, did you know that a playlist can't be both publi
dtinth (5)
A geeky way to say “Happy Birthday”
It’s my friend’s birthday. I plan to send him some JS code that when pasted into DevTools plays the happy b’day song. This is the result. (Solo projec
jonlau (3)
LyricMood - Lyric Sentiment Analysis
Introducing LyricMood, a solo project that analyzes the sentiment of lyrics based of the positivity and negativity of the words. Using PHP, LyricMind
PioMolina (5)
Classical Composer Coder
Music is a higher revelation than philosophy. - Ludwig Von Beethoven screenshot Classical Composer Coder A few of the great composers that changed
HollyEmblem (3)
Turate - uses machine learning to create recommendations using only an artist name.
Turate A group project by @hollyemblem and @rupidosanjh Links View Turate App (Best Viewed on Desktop) View Repl Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 11.08.0
YutingShang (18)
Song guess quiz
This is a music game where you have to 'log in', answer the questions - you have 2 lives on each question, and then earn points - 3 points if you answ