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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
JujharSinghKFX (82)
**DISCLAIMER: We are aware the language is not finished. But we wanted to submit at _least_ something!** # SeamLang (Seam) ## Foreword It’s been a r...
Coder100 (8326)
# CookeyLang Hello! Today we are introducing a brand new language! This brand new language is very easy to understand and it takes many different feat...
generationXcode (262)
Remember Marvin? the paranoid android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Well, we dedicate this language to that robot. And we named it after...
0x544D (32)
ALIENS - PL (ALS) , Aliens can also code !
# Aliens PL (ALS) #### Aliens Can also code **Made By** @AdilELMERZOUGUI @Jamal1998 @MahmoudOmrani @0x544D ![image](
pepsipu (29)
Aski: Assembly made easy.
Hi, just as a pre note before we talk about the language and stuff. This is a programming language by Sophie Chen, Coco Gong, and Sammy Hajhamid. We u...
TheForArkLD (710)
[Obratnaya repl]( [Source]( @SixBeeps @RaidTheWeb @NoNameByProgram Her...
elucent (25)
![basil_large]( # The Basil Programming Language Hel...
WillBAnders (24)
Rhovas - A Language for API Design & Enforcement
Rhovas is a programming language for API design and enforcement. Using Rhovas, developers can better express the contracts and intention of their code...
ApoorvSingal (72)
# Volant Volant is a general-purpose data-oriented high-level programming language with a focus on speed, power, asynchronicity, and concurrency. Vola...
CSharpIsGud (578)
Facilis - A Low Level Functional Language
Facilis is a strongly typed functional language that aims to be low level. Facilis uses a hand-written recursive descent parser made with love. # Fac...
Mashpoe (13)
The Heck Programming Language
# The Heck Programming Language I think the best way to demonstrate what's cool about heck is to just show some working code: ``` func factorial(num...
ktango (11)
# Pebble Pebble has been described (by one of us) as an arcane amalgamation of Python and JavaScript. We hope that's not true (but we'll buy ourselve...
hg0428 (169)
Aardvark - The language that covers all of your needs.
## A quick note This competition had been very informative, and enjoyable, but not without its fair share of challenges. Thank you for this ch...
AmazingMech2418 (894)
Rex Programming Language!
Repls: Rex Web: (main repl currently) Rex C++: # Rex Programming Lang...
emd22 (14)
🍑PEACH🍑 programming language
## PEACH - Prototypical language with knack for extensibility and meta programming Team @mynameisjonas: @emd22 @ajmd17 PEACH is a modern programming...
kshncodes (10)
Swahili Lang
Swahili is a programming language that is designed to be written entirely in the Swahili language. This is to aid in helping native Swahili speakers (...
Viper2211 (82)
# BronzeLang BronzeLang is a simple compiled programming language that emphasizes quick typing. Most keywords are symbols, except for the booleans (tr...
sugarfi (521)
Sardonyx Programming Language
# Sardonyx ![Sardonyx Logo]( This is the Sardonyx pr...
lucaspompeun (11)
Egua Language - A programming language in portuguese
# Egua Language - A general-purpose programming language in portuguese To be part of the technology world you need to know how to speak english, but i...
ithinkthisisarc (11)
The Snowflake Programming Language
![Snowflake logo]( After a long...
RohilPatel (1171)
Impala - Get rid of those errors!
# Introducing Impala ## Our team @CodeSalvageON @RohilPatel @Theboys619 ## Our Intentions At PlogoGram Inc. (see my repls for more), we wa...
mamcx (11)
TablaM: A practical relational language
P.D: The team repl is at (exact as the one here). The user interface not allow to point to this? Is a pleasure for me...
simontiger (17)
## Introducing ProLang... ...the best lang for beginners. It's also the best lang for non-beginners. Source: - Just...
aachh (7)
Sen—objectifying. in a good way.
Hey, welcome to a small introduction to the Sen programming language, our (mine and @sjchmiela ’s) entry to the jam. Please read this sad disclaimer b...
edubart (7)
![Nelua]( # Nelua Nelua is a language that I've wished after years making game engines in C/C++/Lua. It's...
PowerCoder (617)
Hi 😁! ## For those who want to get the documentation and online shell, click [here]( ## Or, you can click [me](https://repl.i...
Andy_4sberg (10)
SimpleScript X
# ***SimpleScript X*** *** ***SimpleScript X is a programming language that allows users to write simple, but powerful code!*** *** ## ***Credits*** *...
seepel (6)
Flea Scheme - An Experimentation with Linear Logic
Hello, we are happy to present Flea Scheme, a submission for the Programming Language Jam! See below for all the details. Unfortunately the submit for...
oyvindsabo (6)
ClojureTypeScript - Statically Typed ClojureScript
snowboardsheep (21)
Clyde - The Discord Bot Programming Language
# Clyde Repl - Team - (@discordbotlang) Clyde is a simple programming language...