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A maze game! BLATHERSKITE!!!
JackLesher (17)

This is absolute nonsense. This is a maze game for the multiplayer hackathon. Thanks to Andi_Chin, wangkobe, and BenjaminNamika1!!! This took about 22 hours of the 3 days we did this. Sunday really weighed us down. Enjoy! This might seem easy to make, but it is HARD. Just take a look at the code we've made! It is crazy!

JackLesher (17)

@Zavexeon How dare you abuse this program.

wangkobe (0)

@Zavexeon this is the peak of human evolution

ChaseLIN (0)

This says a lot about society.

nvarner (3)

This groundbreaking game introduces a new perspective as a virus. Unlike other games that I have seen, you play as the virus. And unlike the real world, you are only a single virus, fighting against the oppressive force of your enemies alone. This unique point of view provides insight into the human condition and speaks about government censorship.

JackLesher (17)

@nvarner How in the world does government censorship factor into this?

Andi_Chin (9)

@JackLesher because robots are trying to hunt you down

BigPapaUpstairs (2)

a little buggy, but a pretty decent game

wangkobe (0)

@BigPapaUpstairs Thanks you, glad you enjoyed the game

Grify (21)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 7, in <module>
import namegenerator
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'namegenerator'

BenjaminNamika1 (23)

@Grify i do not understand... when do you get the error?

wangkobe (0)

@Grify Thank you for your feed back :)

Andi_Chin (9)

@Grify it's a glitch where repl doesn't import the package... fixed mow

JackLesher (17)

I am so happy that we got 3rd place on this project! Thank you all for your feedback on this game so we could improve it.

sanjaykdragon (171)

very unclean code, although is something interesting (although unreadable, so I can't really confirm what algorithm it uses)

JohnStarrs (22)

doesnt seem to be working =(

wangkobe (0)

@JohnStarrs Thank you for your feedback :)

JackLesher (17)

@JohnStarrs We will try to fix it. Thank you for responding.

Andi_Chin (9)

@JackLesher thanks for the feedback, it's now fixed