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PYer (2049)

This is something I have been periodically working on for a long time. If I get upvotes I will add a cmds.txt with all recognizable input, and make it better. Thanks!

lydiahallie (27)

Nice work!! :) I like the lag animation too while the bot is typing!

One thing though, it threw a type error unfortunately! :( TypeError: 'datetime.datetime' object is not iterable.

gantr833 (154)

@lydiahallie I had the same error when I asked for the time.

gantr833 (154)

@PYer Great updates. When I asked: time, there was a different error. I think you need to convert the integers into strings before you include them in Buddy's reply. Error Message said:
Must be a str, not Int (Line 451.)

Also there is an error on line 762.

PYer (2049)

@gantr833 Ah. Let me try to fix it

PYer (2049)

@gantr833 Fixed it! Thanks for alerting me about the error.



themaka (176)

Looks like you're got a lot here, but it's hard, as a user, to see what is possible. It's hard to play with without that list of commands.
Looks good though! I liked the slowed down print speed -- it helped make it feel like a real conversation.

PYer (2049)

@themaka it is kind of hard to think of things to make it be able to respond to. if you can give me a list of things you want it to be able to respond to, i could add them.

themaka (176)

@PYer I meant that you could use an "options" command so people could see how standard commands are allowed. You seem to have a lot already, but it would just take me brute-force guessing to find them (without reading the code).

RifqiAlgamar (1)

man, you should add some new joke, it gets randomly repetitive. anw buddy is good boi

Goldrank (31)

this is amazing... hope it wins!