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goodthoughts (39)

This is a joint project, that my brother (bluemarlin1134) and I worked on together. My bro. named this project after his best friend which the code’s dialogue is modeled after.

It runs best on full screen and, the weather auto-location function works only when it runs on your computer as a program but, the manual input works like a charm. :)

if you haven't seen in the post down below, we updated the calculator and the thermometer so now the thermometer doesn't print out a bunch of decimal places, and the calculator accepts integers.

PYer (2049)

I got this message after sending exit. I got the scrolling ascii art, which was cool :). But then i got this message that i couldnt understand. You are located at None correct?:

goodthoughts (39)

@PYer Thanks for the info! The reason why this happened was: (I'm a messy coder) cough, cough Sometimes ... don't know why, ill head over to the weather function, and try to auto-locate you. Thanks!

MiloWebster (1)

I like it! When I tried to play hangman, it had a bunch of error messages with the only comprehensible one being: TypeError: 'str' object is not callable
Besides that, its great!

epicman702 (39)

I got that error
it is not a spam

epicman702 (39)

This was an error

/home/runner/.site-packages/wikipedia/ UserWarning: No parser was explicitly specified, so I'm using the best available HTML parser for this system ("lxml"). This usually isn't a problem, but if you run this code on another system, or in a different virtual environment, it may use a different parser and behave differently.The code that caused this warning is on line 389 of the file /home/runner/.site-packages/wikipedia/ To get rid of this warning, pass the additional argument 'features="lxml"' to the BeautifulSoup constructor. lis = BeautifulSoup(html).find_all('li')Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 964, in <module>
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File "", line 911, in wikipediamod
File "/home/runner/.site-packages/wikipedia/", line 28, in call
ret = self._cache[key] = self.fn(*args, **kwargs)
File "/home/runner/.site-packages/wikipedia/", line 231, in summary
page_info = page(title, auto_suggest=auto_suggest, redirect=redirect)
File "/home/runner/.site-packages/wikipedia/", line 276, in page
return WikipediaPage(title, redirect=redirect, preload=preload)
File "/home/runner/.site-packages/wikipedia/", line 299, in init
self.load(redirect=redirect, preload=preload)
File "/home/runner/.site-packages/wikipedia/", line 393, in
raise DisambiguationError(getattr(self, 'title', page['title']), may_refer_to)
wikipedia.exceptions.DisambiguationError: "Yes" may refer to:
yes and no
YES Prep Public Schools
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yes (Unix)
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All pages beginning with Yes
Yesss (disambiguation)

goodthoughts (39)

Edit: We fixed the Weather function from giving you all those decimal places, and now the calculator accepts doubles.

Nanashi (7)

Having so many text files as frames is a messy way to do the scrolling ASCII art. A cleaner approach would be to take a single file and iteratively print substring of each line.

import os, time

def cls():  # Clear screen
    os.system('cls' if'nt' else 'clear')

def marquee(txtart, speed, rtl=True):  # Pepperidge Farm remembers <marquee>.
    '''Display ASCII art scrolling in. Parameters:
    txtart -- path to ASCII art text file
    speed  -- rate of columns per second to display
    rtl    -- default True for right-to-left, set False for left-to-right
    with open(txtart) as f:
        art =
    # Add trailing whitespace to any line shorter than the longest line.
    maxline = max(len(line) for line in art)
    for i in range(len(art)):
        if len(art[i]) < maxline:
            art[i] = art[i] + " " * (maxline - len(art[i]))
    artlength = len(art[0])
    for i in range(artlength + 1):
        for line in art:
            if rtl:
                print(" " * (artlength - i) + line[0:i])
                print(line[-i:0 if i==0 else None])
        time.sleep(1 / speed)

marquee("goodbye.txt", 10, False)

Edit: Correct assignment for maxline.

bluemarlin1134 (0)

@Nanashi thank you for the information

MatthewDoan1 (11)

Nice. One comment, though, is that your calculator should accept floats. I looked up the weather for my city and tried to converting it into Fahrenheit using the calculator but got an error when your code tried to convert 1.8 to an integer.