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theangryepicbanana (1635)

Collapsed is a fun and challenging game where you have to break (by clicking) groups groups of 3 (or more) blocks that are the same color to make sure that no blocks reach the top of the board. This may sound easy at first, but it gets harder as you go on because new colors are added to the board as you go. To make this a bit easier, we have provided you with Super Bombs (blows up all blocks within a certain radius) and Color Bombs (blows up every block on the board with the same color as the bomb).
As of right now, there are a total of 4 different game modes:

  • Classic: the classic game mode. new lines come in from the bottom of the board periodically.
  • Avalanche: like Classic, but new rows fall from the top of the board instead.
  • Strategy: like Classic, but lines are only added when you make a move.
  • Relapse: not only do lines come from the bottom of the board, but they also come from the top of the board and stay on top as well. make sure the two sides don't collide!
    Things to note:
  • this game was made using SDL and an amazing language called Perl 6 (
  • the game is not 100% complete, so it will be worked on after the game jam.
  • yes, there is a slight delay between clicking/breaking a block and seeing its effects. this was done intentionally.
  • in Relapse mode, if the top and bottom are touching, matches made on one side will not travel to the other side (this is being labeled as a feature).
  • Relapse mode probably still has bugs that haven't been discovered.
  • left/right mouse click: break a block.
  • escape(Esc)/"q": quit the current game and go back to the menu.
  • any other key: add a new line to the board (you usually want to do this if there are no valid matches on the board. do not spam).
    All feedback and questions are appreciated!
  • @theangryepicbanana (aka me): core game mechanics.
  • @ThatSmart (aka Jaka aka JackFly26): all graphics/textures.
  • @abc3354 (aka abc3354): menu, fixing lots of code, making other code better anyways, and other cool stuff.
    (btw this game was inspired from an awesome old game called Super Collapse! 3)
    One thing I should note is that I added a thing that makes the game go faster once you upvote this post.


oh yeah here's the repl link (you will need to press the "fork" button to run it):

abc3354 (215)

I want this game to go faster !