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Conductor Simulator Through Vision Processing
burakdemirelli (3)

This game combines being an orchestra conductor with vision processing. You simply lift your hand and control the flow of the music.

The conductor will track your hand and let you conduct the orchestra. You should keep an eye out to the shrinking columns. The height of the columns resemble the performance and motivation of that instrument group. The music level will increase and decrease according to the columns' height.

As a conductor, you should take control and motivate them! If any of the instrument groups hit zero, you lose :(
However, if you manage to conduct the orchestra well enough until the end, you win!

Important Notes!
•You can only use one hand but you can use one to control the left two and the other to control the right two. (Not simultaneously!)
•Make sure you are in a well-lit environment
•Google Chrome is the preferred browser for this game!
•Stand a bit more than an arm-length away from your computer!
•A rectangle will appear under the column you are pointing at.
•You can see your progress from the rectangle under the columns.
•This game is tested on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Even though other devices have been tested, they are not fully supported.
•Play this game in fullscreen.
•Headphones are recommended.
•Increase your volume above 50% to get the immersive feeling of a conductor.

burakdemirelli (3)

@katavie Thank you!! I hope you enjoy it! :)