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Cookie Clicker Live
LeonDoesCode (272)

Have you ever wondered how you click? There's no need to! Come click with us at: ! It's all you'll ever need to satisfy your clicking needs!

It's only a click away!

Now this is where the adults play.

We used NodeJS to to create a multiplayer Cookie Clicker with as many statistics as humanly possible. To help us along the way, we used Socket.IO to help check for events and transfer data between clients and the server.


  • Leaderboard
  • Statistics
  • More Statistics
  • And a few more Statistics
  • Oh, we also have a Chat System too


Coder100 (292)

Nice post! I couldn't have written it any better!

Bob11 (4)

It doesn't work for me. It just says server started.

MrEconomical (380)

who were your partners?

LeonDoesCode (272)

@MrEconomical Fixed. That was not supposed to happen.