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Emoji Recognition! 🦎 == Green Lizard
21natzil (707)

Can AIs look at emojis, and figure out what it is? I was quite skeptical. However the first thing I did was figure out what emojis I should use, like iOS ones or google. I deiced to get iOS emoji images, and while I prefer Android emojis, iOS tends to be the least cartoony. I downloaded the weights, which are simply put, numbers that are used to determine one result from another. After running the program, I was shocked at how well it actually worked! Not for all emojis, and it wasn't always on the dot, but every time you would think "Oh yeah, I can see why the AI might think that." Try it yourself, run it (wait for all the dependencies to install) and then paste an emoji not by doing CTRL+V, but right click the terminal and press paste. If you're on mobile then ignore this and just insert an emoji. Enjoy!

If you have issues installing the packages

Please check back in a couple of days, It was working fine before I submitted it, so I'll try and fix it, sorry!

theangryepicbanana (688)

I just though I'd note that Perl 6 already has this builtin

21natzil (707)

@theangryepicbanana It has image recognition built-in?