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Fun zone
badvillain01 (64)

Fun Bot have around 50 commands. Mostly fun and web stuff. you can make meme. Or search content from imgur and giphy official website.

Main Categories

Image Manipulation:- A mini Image Editor including Filters, blend and more fun commands.
Giphy:- A commands for getting GIFs, also support user query.
Imgur:- Looking for particular Picture, well with this command, you can search for Image you want!
IMDB movie search:- return all movie details
Jokes:- return random jokes
Quotes:- return random quotes
Make your memes:- this command will allow you to make meme with custom template.
Weather:-Lookup weather details about any city.
Star Wars:- Largest data of star wars character. This command will give you all details about a character.
Wolframalpha:- This computer will answer your question.
Math:- Mini math calculator
Other fun Commands:- bring up all fun commands.

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Special Thanks to:

  • discord community
  • FellowHashbrown#4323

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