ALIENS - PL (ALS) , Aliens can also code !
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Aliens PL (ALS)

Aliens Can also code

Made By

Well We're Obviously Aliens too if you are wondering , but the main thing here is that we Have brought for human a whole new content that you've probably never seen before on your little earth .

EntryPoint in als :


Possible ALS extensions:

  • .als is the main als ext
  • .mals is the ext of als modules (Planet / IPlanet)
  • .wals is the ext of web-als project that uses an Als Web module (Planet)
  • .sals are shortcut als files used to store the downloaded als modules

Loading in ALS :

  • load MyModule
  • load @base
  • from ../path_to_module load MyModule
  • from load MyModule

Brief Howto

Install als
$ chmod +x
$ ./

Some als cmds

als help
als version
als createproject
als run
als remove

Please take all your time Reading the whole 31 page of the PDF Documentation v1.0 or atleast some of it here : ALS_DOC_v1.0

PS:The language is still way too far from being perfectly working .


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TheDrone7 (1649)

Hey there! This jam required you to create a team and it was heavily emphasized as well. But I see that you submitted a personal repl. Can I enquire as to why you did not submit a team repl?

0x544D (32)

@TheDrone7 Hello !
Yes we're fully aware of that , We have actually tried to submit it as a team Here But it seemed like Posting feature could not pick that up / detect it , so We just went with that .

TheDrone7 (1649)

@0x544D ah, you only need to include a link to the repl in the post. Clicking it automatically embeds the repl in the post. Could you edit the post to add the link?
Thank you.

0x544D (32)

@TheDrone7 Done !
Thank you for mentioning that .

TheDrone7 (1649)

@0x544D no worries! I just wanted to make sure cuz it would've resulted in a disqualification otherwise.