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High Five Trading

High Five Trading is a narrative action stock trading game created for Game Jam 2019. It includes 25+ varied levels built around an original mechanic and a story about a stock trading family.

Your progress is saved in local storage. Don't feel pressured to finish it in one sitting. Also you can press ESC to get back to the menu, where you can skip the current level if you find it too tedious. (It's hard for me to judge the difficulty at this point.)

If you return to the menu you can also play in party mode on the current level. A party mode game lasts 2 minutes and you can compete for a high score. Play either alone or with as many local friends as you can fit on a keyboard.


Design, story, and programming by Daniel Darabos.

Character art generated with a fantastic StyleGAN model trained by Gwern Branwen.

All music by Spinningmerkaba, graciously licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0).

See the in-game credits screen for more details.


So beautiful, but so difficult I ended up skipping all except 4-5 levels just to see all the level and the story. Then again, I have never been good at games which require to time key your move.
Nice game!


@AkhilGupta Thanks for giving it a try!

Yeah, many levels test your reflexes. I had a hard time getting the difficulty right for these. (Watching people play them helped here.)

There are a few levels, like Cowboy Glitch and Collapse, that seem to test your luck. I struggle with these too! I'll try to fix these after the jam to be more skill-based.

But there are also a few levels that are puzzles. Like Throw Your Weight Around. It's not difficult once you know the trick. Discovering the trick is a challenge though. I personally enjoy these the most.


@DanielDarabos1 I had assumed that all had a pattern!!
Anyway, I just couldn't understand that last level, with the white "stock bars". How does that one work?


@AkhilGupta The castle? There's a central building that looks kind of like a church. You have to climb to the top of the bell tower to "ring the bell". When you step on that bar, the castle starts moving.

You can take a look in my playthrough on YouTube if you want to see how I solved some level.


This is a really cool game, I love it!


@Snowflake Thanks! Ruby looks cool too. Very ambitious to make a networked game.


nice! kind of hard but its fun!


@Nanowrimoijk Thanks a lot! I definitely have to tweak the difficulty... "Mount Everest" in particular is deadly. :)


It's still in development of course, but I'm finally at a point where it's starting to look like a game. My TODO list:

  • Check the layout and FOV on portrait screens.
  • Add sound effects.
  • Gamepad controls.
  • Local multiplayer if I have the time.

@DanielDarabos1 love it, but in mobile I don't see the dialogue.


@XavierDD Thank you! Those screenshots are so useful! It's also not perfect for me on mobile, but I see completely different issues. :)

The dialog boxes are plain HTML, but with "rotate3d()" CSS transforms. Looks like combined with the WebGL canvas they end up clipping into something. I've added a "translateZ(-20px)" now to try to bring them closer to the camera. It would be fantastic if you could check if this has helped.


@DanielDarabos1 Screen shot 1 very first dialog then goes to the one after then back again.


@XavierDD Thanks again! This doesn't seem to have made a difference. (Except I had accidentally disabled the rotation animation...)

I've added "transform-style: flat" now in hopes it does something good. (Though I think "flat" is supposed to be the default.)

If it doesn't help, it would be interesting if you could check the example in In the "flat" example I see no clipping, and in the "preserve-3d" example there is clipping, kind of like in your screenshots. Thanks!


@DanielDarabos1 It reverted back to the same clipping problem in the first report from me. It looks like it is going back behind the three.js canvas as if the 45º is apply like.


@XavierDD Thank you so much for the continued perseverance! I'm very optimistic now. Can you please try again?

The screenshots are from Chrome on an iPad and I just remembered that this means the page is rendered with Safari. And this is an issue with Safari that has been reported a few times. (E.g.,

When I tried the simple fix (translateZ(-100px)) earlier, I messed it up and just caused the dialog to get stuck on one side. Sorry. I've double checked my change now. Fingers crossed!


@XavierDD Haha, that's terrible! Last thing I can think of is to translate it in the other Z direction. (It's live now.)


@XavierDD Wow!!! I totally expected another failure. Thanks a lot, you're the best!


@DanielDarabos1 honestly most of the time im on an ipad so I like it when programs can work universally.


About that TODO list:

  • I've given up on portrait screens. Turn your phone around.
  • Sound effects are in.
  • Gamepads possibly work, but remain largely untested.
  • Local multiplayer is done!