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🚨IMPORTANT: 🚨 End of the Challenge is postponed!
qualladoom (320)

After popular request, I decided that the end of The Challenge is postponed until 24th of January. 🚨
Thats almost a whole week more to submit your projects! Get coding, and have fun! Attached is my example of how your websites may look like.

PaoloAmoroso (140)

Another source of inspiration is the personal site of the great jwz of XEmacs fame.

Zavexeon (1041)

Neato. This is convenient for me since my internet was out this weekend.

PDanielY (1062)

After popular request

After popular request

minion3665 (13)


AdCharity (1307)

uh so... who won though?

JordanDixon1 (324)

Is the challengs over and are the winners announced or...?

generationXcode (256)

hey, umm when r the results coming out? thx!


this is so sad can hit 4 likes