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Hello everyone! Me and my best friend @EvelynPacio have been planning this for a while now. Ever since we started to learn programming over the summer we got a huge interest on combining coding with creativity. With our knowledge on HTML, CSS, and JS, we decided to take on the challenge on creating a new programming language that can benefit artists all over the world! Now, as you can tell from here, we're technically newbies when it comes to inventing a programming language. Literally the day before the Jam we learned the basics of compliers and how computers can read codes in the first place. To be honest, we thought it would be easy. Little did we both know, it was one heck of a ride hehe. However, this doesn't stop us from losing hope! We will continue to work on our language (VEC) and updating to make programming easy as possible. May sound impossible but, that doesn't stop us :)

VEC Website:
VEC Example:

(The VEC example will not work for now due to necessary finalizations but, these are our ideas!)

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rediar (422)

JS is already pretty easy for the most part though, how will VEC make it easier? Is it drag and drop? Is it syntaxy like python?

mprias216 (4)

@rediar I’m glad you asked. Yes I agree with you JS is easy for creating transitions! However, we are adding this as a new feature with HTML format and making this as simple as possible! For instance, I don't know if you’re familiar with video editing but, yes you can say VEC is going to be like a drag and drop along with calculating how much you want to make the transition.

For clarification I am going to give an example:

Imagine you want to create a spin transition from one video clip to another. With that you would have you calculate the degrees of how much you would want the first clip to turn in order to go to the second clip.
The purpose of VEC is to make videos as smooth as possible according to your preference. We are going to give users the option to either calculate or drag and drop to their clips or text.
Not only that, you can easily command what transition you specifically want to use quickly. For example, if you want to zoom-in a clip by 20% you easily type “<zoom-in> 20% </zoom-in>” with using HTML.

Hope that clarified some things :)

rediar (422)

@mprias216 Very cool, look forward to seeing the language grow