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LH Status
Mahgo2k (2)

A bot that can check the status (as in if the flight is on time, delayed, cancelled etc) of today's Lufthansa Group flights.

>ping - Tests whether the bot is up or not.
>help - SImple help command telling users what the commands do and how to use them.
>status [two letter IATA code][flight number] - Checks the status of the flight. Ex. >status OS87 checks the status of Austrian Airlines flight 87. This feature also supports codeshare flights in both the operating and codeshare carrier's flight numbers. So LH9154/UA908 (a United flight from Amsterdam to Chicago O'Hare) would be supported, but not UA1 since it isn't a codeshare with any Lufthansa Group airline. The API also supports trains that are also considered Lufthansa "flights" for booking purposes. If a flight is not supported either due to not flying on the date you submitted a command or due to it not being in the Lufthansa API, then the bot won't return anything.

See it in action:

Bot invite link:

Update: Terminal and gate numbers are also displayed when available. See here:

Update 2: Reliability has been improved, and '>>' is also a prefix along with '!lh-'.