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MMH ASCII Random Turkey Generator
_Sniper_Turtle_ (15)

Randomly generated ASCII Turkey! All hats are custom made. This MMH submission was made made by rediar and Sniper_Turtle.

DJWang (276)

lol before I sent the comment I thought it was lame, like, "Dude this is just an ascii art turkey! So simple! Even a two-year old could do that!" I was about to comment all those things (lol not really) until I ran it again and found a different hat :P. Great game!

_Sniper_Turtle_ (15)

@DJWang Thanks lol. I did the turkey and @rediar did the hats, so... I challenge you to a duel? Not really, glad you liked it.

_Sniper_Turtle_ (15)

@DJWang Have you ran it multiple times? A lot of what I was doing was randomizing lengths.

_Sniper_Turtle_ (15)

@DJWang Glad you think so! @rediar and I worked hard on it.