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Nowinfo FreeSMS,Get (OFFLINE Medium) Weather Details,Wikipedia Content,Dictionary By SMS
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Get Weather Details(India),Wikipedia Content,Dictionary Via SMS fro FREE

To Get Weather Details Through SMS for FREE

SMS XGRLR weather cityname to 9220592205

SMS XGRLR wiki content to 9220592205(replace content with a word you want)

SMS XGRLR dict word (Replace a word with a word you want)

XGRLR must be captial(It is Sender ID of User)
Others must be Small
You will Recive sms from my device automatically when you send sms

so Plz.. Dont Call or Reply to it

you will only get to know weather details of india
With Weather details you will also get to know UV rate
at that locations the weather details are collected via API

and My Program keeps running in loop that means the service will work 24/7

WTFactWhat (11)

Guys Server is Running SMS to 9220592205 and see the Magic

WTFactWhat (11)

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