AI Bot Challenge

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ORION, the world's smartest chatbot!

Orion is a chatbot for a platform like Discord. He has a few essential commands, as well as the ability to create your own! There are tons of cool things you can do to really bring this bot life. When he is ready for Discord, he will really spice up your server! I have a lengthy command guide on my website at to help you with actions and stuff. I worked really hard on this bot, and I hope you enjoy it!

While you try it, please note that he has several different responses to any given situation. I recommend you try "!o help" first to see what he can do.


I was thinking about a concept like this a while ago, but then I forgot about it. this is really cool!


I would recommend slash or something like that for prompting commands. Still Really cool!


@AaronBoyd You can change the prefix via !o changeprefix. The only reason I did an exclamation point is because that's the standard for discord.


Could you please make sure orion's commands don't need !o in front?


@madmonster First of all, why? This is for discord, and that would get really hectic really fast. Second, you can change the prefix with !o changeprefix