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Omega Psi
FellowHashbrown (38)

Omega Psi

It's a nice bot with features being added every day that I have free time.

What does it have?

  • Custom Prefixes (you can have multiple prefixes in your server)
  • Meme generator (memes with your own text. you don't have to use Photoshop anymore)
  • Server Moderation
    • Change your server name
    • Add / Remove Roles
  • Minigames (it also has universal game stats; AKA your stats will be the same on every server Omega Psi is in and private messages)
    • Connect Four
    • Hangman
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Private Message Support (You can play minigames with the bot in a Private Message[1])
  • Math Commands
  • Gif Commands
  • Ranking System (it is disabled by default)

Other Info

If you are the server owner and someone adds the bot to your server, you are automatically given the bot's server mod permission.

[1] - You and the bot must be in at least 1 server together for this to work

timmy_i_chen (1077)

Can we get a gif/video of your bot in action? :)

FellowHashbrown (38)

@timmy_i_chen I just saw this but yes I will gladly add one!